Ancient Figs Through History

tree removal The fig tree, ‘Ficus carica,’ possibly originated in Northern Asia according to archeological fossil records. Spanish missionaries brought it to the United States in 1520. Historical Sumerian tablets record the use and consumption of figs in 2500 BC. In Greek mythology, the fig figures prominently as a gift of Demeter to Dionysus and Read more about Ancient Figs Through History[…]

How to Care for a Cherry Tree?

tree trimming Cherry trees are original natives of Western Asia and Europe and are popularly grown both for their fruit and their flowers. They typically have a shorter life span than other flowering trees, simply because they are more prone to diseases and pests. By performing regular maintenance, the life of this plant can be Read more about How to Care for a Cherry Tree?[…]

Tomato Plant Pruning Produces More Fruit

tree trimming Tomato pruning is another tomato growing problem to some growers because they have not had very good experiences with it in the past, but removing tomato suckers is not so much difficult as the fact that it needs to be done regularly.  This is where some growers have come unstuck.  They have not Read more about Tomato Plant Pruning Produces More Fruit[…]

Reasons to Plant Evergreen Trees in your Yard

tree trimming Evergreen trees are extremely valuable in your yard. Evergreen means that the plant retains its foliage all year long. Even in the smallest areas they can help to prevent a look of bareness in the winter months. They also make a great windbreaks and shelters for small animals and birds that live in Read more about Reasons to Plant Evergreen Trees in your Yard[…]

How Soil Compaction Affects Trees

tree trimming Trees are negatively impacted by soil compaction, and it is not just detrimental to young trees. Older, more established trees are just as susceptible to its effects. To protect your landscape trees, it’s important to understand soil compaction and how it can be corrected for continued sustainability of your trees. Compaction of soil Read more about How Soil Compaction Affects Trees[…]

The Easiest Way To Trim A Hedge

tree removal Most hedges have to be clipped after planting, and then cut twice yearly; in spring and late summer. A formal hedge, however, needs to be trimmed more frequently to maintain its shape. The majority of deciduous plants, especially those with a naturally bushy, low-branching habit ought to be cut back by one third Read more about The Easiest Way To Trim A Hedge[…]

Don’t Underestimate the Need for Chipper Maintenance

< p class=”art”>It can be easy to look at the heavy-gauge steel and the massive horsepower that chippers possess and think they’re indestructible. Chippers are incredibly tough — they need to be to stand up to the extreme duties they perform — but they’re still machines at heart, powered by motors and pumps, belts and Read more about Don’t Underestimate the Need for Chipper Maintenance[…]

The Importance of Chipper Maintenance

< p class=”art”>Of all the tools that the modern arborist uses, the chipper is often the largest, loudest and most complicated. Brush chippers need to operate long hours with little to no downtime. Unless you are an extravagantly well-equipped crew, you rarely have an extra to use in a pinch. To be effective, efficient and Read more about The Importance of Chipper Maintenance[…]

Summary On Ethics

tree service Utilitarian theory of ethics stipulates that an action will be judged right or wrong depending on the consequences it produces. In this respect an action which produces results which are for common good to all is regarded as morally right. Therefore for one to act morally it is paramount to weigh the consequences Read more about Summary On Ethics[…]

Tree Lighting

tree service Any landscape with substantially sized trees can benefit from tree lighting. Landscape lighting contractors can offer this elegant, sophisticated, and ingenious lighting technique as a line item on their proposal and gain an immediate competitive advantage if they use the right equipments and installation methods. Mercury vapor lights that feature superior commercial grade Read more about Tree Lighting[…]