Tree Care By Category

< p class=”art”>Your customer wants you to look at an oak tree that’s having trouble. Sure it has some problems; it’s been topped, the bole has mower blight, the leaves are infested with aphids, but the real problem is that it’s way too close to the house and picture window, which is probably why it Read more about Tree Care By Category[…]

Support the Future of Arboriculture

About two years ago, I implored you to take a step back, look at the bigger picture and support TREE Fund. In a nutshell, I reminded you that even though there are many things that require your attention each day, the future of arboriculture also warrants your consideration. Well, it’s time to remind you again Read more about Support the Future of Arboriculture[…]

How to Prioritize Tree Plantings

< p class=”art”>It would be great if budgets were unlimited and wherever and whenever trees were needed, they would be available. Unfortunately, we don’t live in utopia and, as such, must use real-world solutions to the problems we face. One such issue is how to incorporate woody plants into a landscape, commercial property or recreational Read more about How to Prioritize Tree Plantings[…]

How Soil Compaction Affects Trees

tree trimming Trees are negatively impacted by soil compaction, and it is not just detrimental to young trees. Older, more established trees are just as susceptible to its effects. To protect your landscape trees, it’s important to understand soil compaction and how it can be corrected for continued sustainability of your trees. Compaction of soil Read more about How Soil Compaction Affects Trees[…]

Don’t Underestimate the Need for Chipper Maintenance

< p class=”art”>It can be easy to look at the heavy-gauge steel and the massive horsepower that chippers possess and think they’re indestructible. Chippers are incredibly tough — they need to be to stand up to the extreme duties they perform — but they’re still machines at heart, powered by motors and pumps, belts and Read more about Don’t Underestimate the Need for Chipper Maintenance[…]

The Importance of Chipper Maintenance

< p class=”art”>Of all the tools that the modern arborist uses, the chipper is often the largest, loudest and most complicated. Brush chippers need to operate long hours with little to no downtime. Unless you are an extravagantly well-equipped crew, you rarely have an extra to use in a pinch. To be effective, efficient and Read more about The Importance of Chipper Maintenance[…]

Ask the Experts: Implementing Disease And Pest Control

We asked experts from five leading companies: “What’s one thing tree care companies need to keep in mind when implementing a disease/pest control program?” Here’s what they had to say: Brian Pancoast President/Enviurometrics Systems USA The one thing to keep in mind is to fully analyze the situation. Knowing the pest, your treatment options and Read more about Ask the Experts: Implementing Disease And Pest Control[…]

Firefighters Turned Tree Care Pros

< p class=”art”>The two Joseph brothers are in the business of saving lives — not just people, but trees as well. Each man is a certified arborist, paramedic and firefighter in Columbus, Ohio. “Trees in this area should live to be about 250 years or so,” says 35-year-old Michael. “In urban areas, only one in Read more about Firefighters Turned Tree Care Pros[…]

Responding After The Storm

< p class=”art”>When the call goes out to tree service companies to work on widespread storm damage, anybody with a chain saw and a pickup can respond, but it’s the companies that are prepared and have experience in this field that excel and come out making money. In general, there are three segments of storm Read more about Responding After The Storm[…]