Alert! 4 Major Damage Over Coca

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Although the market appears Beverages Variety, an array, but asked the children what is the favorite beverage to drink, most children will answer: ” Coke ! ”

Drink Coke over the 4 major hazards

1. Variable chubby pier Now, many children out to dinner from time to time while eating while drinking cola. Nutritionists advise: eat with cola, the body easy to get fat.

From a nutritional point of view, in addition to water, cola basically does not have nutritional value. Instead, some components Coke, under certain circumstances can cause damage to human health, such as excess carbon dioxide, phosphoric acid, caffeine, cola contains the heat was considered obese children, “accomplices.” Can of 355c.c. of cola contains about 35 grams of sugar, equivalent to 140 calories, equivalent to the heat half-bowl too. However, only the numbers of calories, nutrients are rather different, because sugar contains only calories and other nutrients is also not, a sheer empty card heat food or junk food, regular consumption will add up, prone to cause weight gain in children also easy to develop bad sweet Diet Habits, likes to drink sweet water, but not drinking water. In the fasting or eating a lot of drinking cola when will affect the intake of other foods to reduce the supply of nutrients the body; if a normal diet after drinking cola, will increase the intake of extra calories.

2. Influence a child physical development

Coke as a Carbonated beverages Contain gas?? Carbon dioxide, it will stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, resulting in the accumulation of acid in the stomach, so that kids are prone to feel bloating, reduce child appetite, thus reducing diet feeding. If dietary nutrient intake may affect the normal growth and development, learning, sports results, performance and health.

Coke also contains an ingredient called phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid will reduce the absorption of calcium, bone growth and height affect the child’s normal development. Positive growth and development of children and young people need adequate calcium to normal bone growth and development, maintain good bone metabolism, bone density and make the best of conditions, so not a long-term drinking cola, etc. Carbonated beverages . In addition, the phosphate will also hinder iron absorption, iron is the main material for manufacture of blood, once the iron is not enough, will cause iron deficiency anemia. Rapid growth and development are the children, are also required to fast enough iron blood. Particularly adolescent girls, a higher iron requirement, because the monthly menstruation, the loss will be fixed a lot of iron. So girls like to drink carbonated drinks, more prone to iron deficiency anemia. Beware of Girl drinking cola osteoporosis. Studies have shown that Soft drink Will accelerate bone loss, particularly of girls love drinking cola, fractures were more likely to be soda 5 times!

3. The sweet tooth killer Cola acid in the children’s teeth have a strong corrosion, the protective layer of tooth thinner, vulnerable to iHampton Roadsury; together with the role of sugar in cola, may make a child’s risk of dental caries appears greatly increased harm to the child dental health.

University of Hong Kong Faculty of Dentistry to a survey, if the years, a day to drink three cans, it could actually make teeth bad teeth acid. If the day and drink 1 liter of acidic drinks with sugar 1 to 2 years, the enamel surface of the teeth will be etched away. Prince Philip Dental Hospital, received nearly 20 cases per year of acid etching the tooth drinks complicated cases, there are patients to drink because of the number of cans per day or a few bottles of Coke, To protect the tooth enamel was etched away almost entirely.

4. The murder of children brain

Cola contains caffeine, a cola bottle 340 grams of caffeine-type drinks contain 50 to 80 mg. Test was done, adults over a 1 g oral caffeine can cause central nervous system stimulant, accelerated respiration, tachycardia, insomnia, vertigo, tinnitus.

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