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An Arborist Can Help Manage Your Wooded Lot

You’ve just purchased a beautiful wooded lot in the Atlanta area and decided on the home you want to build on the site. The purpose of purchasing such a lot is to have your home situated in a wooded area instead of on an empty lot which has to have trees planted from seedlings or small saplings. You will be able to eHampton Roadsoy the shade and beauty of trees without having to wait years for that outcome. In addition, trees help with noise and erosion reduction and improve air quality.

Trees add tremendous value to your property, so you will want to preserve many of the trees already growing on your site. However, you’re not sure which trees to keep and which trees to clear out. You’re wondering what should you do. The answer is simple, consult an expert.

When a home is built on a wooded lot, not all the trees will be able to remain. It is imperative that you plan now for which trees you want to save and which to remove. You might be tempted to try to save every tree that is mature and eliminating the young trees. However, it is better to have a variety of tree ages and tree species.

There are over 200 tree species native to Georgia. By choosing someone who is a certified arborist, you will be able to rely upon their experience and knowledge. They will instruct you or your builder which trees are healthiest and most likely to survive the construction stress. Native trees will have a greater chance to survive.

Many companies who are involved in tree removal or tree trimming have arborists on staff who will inspect your site and give advice and estimates for the trees that will need to be cut. As you walk over your new lot, take a tape measure, stakes, string and your house plans and mark the outline of your home, the driveway, sidewalks, patios and or decks. Next, mark a 30 foot construction zone surrounding everything. This area will need to be cleared of trees because they will be in danger during the construction and could eventually become a hazard to your home.

Any trees between 30 and 60 feet in the surrounding area are in a tree protection zone which will need to be marked. When your home is completed and the construction debris has been cleared, you will need to evaluate the trees remaining on your lot. Check for iHampton Roadsuries and anything that might compromise the trees. If any trees or their roots have been damaged badly, the tree might not survive.

It is better to remove that tree now than wait for it to die and have to call an emergency tree removal company because it has fallen on your home or car. Other trees can now be added to the landscape such as flowering trees, shade trees, fruit or nut trees. Non-native trees can be planted as long as they are adapted to the growing conditions. For example, cacti would not thrive outdoors as well as the sawtooth oak which is naturalized in Georgia.

tree trimming