Annual grinder training for Rotochopper customers

Rotochopper manufactures grinding equipment that creates new opportunities for wood waste and other low grade materials, transforming it into things like colored landscape mulch, animal bedding, biomass fuels, and compost with “Perfect In One Pass” simplicity. The company takes it a step further by providing grinder training.grinder training

Rotochopper owners and operators gathered at Rotochopper’s manufacturing facility in St. Martin, MN for grinder training the last two weeks of February. The customer service department hosts Rotochopper University annually for companies that have purchased Rotochopper grinders during the past year.

The two-day class includes a manufacturing facility tour, equipment operation best practice training, a hands-on demonstration, and plenty of networking opportunities allowing machine owners to learn from each other as well. This year the education focused on ‘how to properly feed your grinder’, ‘how to perform preventative maintenance’, and ‘how to troubleshoot’. The hands-on demonstration showed attendees how to install the main rotor bearings on a Rotochopper grinder. The company manufactures diesel horizontal grinders that combine precision grinding with the portability of rubber tires, crawler tracks, or both, and electric grinders that add the uptime and simplicity of electric power to “Perfect In One Pass” grinding technology.grinder training

Rotochopper offered two grinder training session options, with over 50 students from 32 companies across the U.S. and Canada attending. “Being at Rotochopper University this year has been really interesting, I really enjoyed being able to come to the Rotochopper factory to see and meet the people that are behind the machines that we are operating on a regular basis. Anyone that operates a Rotochopper would benefit from coming here to see exactly how much care and time are put into building these machines. It really was a wonderful experience,” said Jason Fenley, AKA Tree Service Hampton Roads Removal, Buford, GA.

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