Avenue South Broadleaf Herbicide From PBI-Gordon Application Flexibility

PBI-Gordon Corporation announced this week it has eliminated ambient temperature restrictions on when its Avenue™ South Broadleaf Herbicide can be applied. The amended label lifts restrictions for applying Avenue South when ambient temperatures are above 90˚F (85˚F for St. Augustinegrass). This label can be viewed at: http://www.cdms.net/ldat/ldCKQ010.pdf.

broadleaf herbicide

PBI-Gordon Avenue South Broadleaf Herbicide

Avenue South is specifically formulated for use on sensitive southern grasses, including common and improved St. Augustinegrasses such as Floratam and Bitterblue. A proprietary formula, it combines four active ingredients to deliver rapid control of more than 90 listed broadleaf weeds, including doveweed, Virginia buttonweed, chamberbitter, and dollarweed.

“Avenue South delivers fast visual response on broadleaf weeds, with an exceptional degree of turf safety,” said Jay Young, herbicide product manager for PBI-Gordon. “Eliminating the ambient temperature restrictions gives turf professionals more flexibility as to when they can apply it.”

Avenue South can be used on golf course fairways and roughs, residential and commercial areas, ornamental turf sites, recreation areas, and other non-cropland sites.

PBI-Gordon Corporation offers a full line of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators, and other products for the professional turf and ornamental management industry.

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