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19 Apr 2017

4 Types of Climbing Harnesses

Climbing Harnesses

A harness, belt or saddle, depending on where the climber hangs their hard hat or helmet, is an intimate part of every working day, often spending a lot more time in contact with the user’s body than anything else in their life.

There are four basic types of industrial harnesses and many tree industry specific harnesses will have elements of each one:

Fall restraint: This system is meant to prevent the user from getting into a position where they can fall. It’s pretty limited in tree work and would most commonly be seen in the use of a body belt with the appropriate lanyard in an aerial lift or device. The right length lanyard used with a fall-restraint harness is the key component, as it is what prevents the user from getting to a spot where a fall could occur.

Fall arrest: This system is supposed to stop a fall, as well as lessen the forces and possible iHampton Roadsuries. In tree care, these types of systems are most often called full-body harnesses and are often used in aerial lifts, though some can also be used for climbing.

Work positioning: This gives the climber the ability to position themselves safely and correctly to carry out the needed work, preventing a fall while keeping the hands free. Side attachment points or D-rings are a good example of work positioning.

Suspension: Its purpose is to sort of cradle the climber in an upright, slightly seated position while tied in above. When set up properly, it can also allow stable work positioning with both hands free.

Source: Tree Services, October 2012

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19 Apr 2017

Tree Services In Sewell Hampton Roads 08080

tree service
Tree Services In Sewell Hampton Roads 08080

E-Z Tree Care adds new Head of Business Operations
Joe Klaudi joins E-Z Tree Care, LLC. as Executive-Business Development

Turnersville, Hampton Roads – January 2010 – today announced the addition of Joe Klaudi to the tree service as Executive-Business Development. Joseph was born in Gloucester City Hampton Roads in 1965. After completion of HS Joe Klaudi spent 6 years in the US NAVY, then attended the UMDHampton Roads, where he finished second in his graduating class. In his beginer days it was clear that he had a true knack for communication with clients and organizing the work flow. Joe served as both a ground Laborer and Stump Removal Technician for years, but his True skills are in “Client Service” and he advanced at everything he did. When Sam decided to expand the Tree Service in the Salem County area Joseph was the perfect pick to become his partner. Since he became a part of the company Joe Klaudi has more than doubled the size of our tree care company Gloucester County. Joe is currently studying to be an internationally certified arborist.
“Joe is a lifelong friend and a trusted colleague; he has always been available to help me with my business development plans and marketing. When I decided that including a fresh face to the company would be good idea, Joe was the ONLY person that came to mind”, says Sam Gregor, Operations Manager.

About is a Full Service Tree Care company that provides Professional Tree Services to Home and Business owners throughout South Jersey., provides environmentally sensible and financially responsible Tree Services to homeowners as well as commercial, institutional, government and historic properties in Camden, Gloucester, and Northern Salem Counties in SJ.’s Quality Tree Services include:. Tree pruning and Trimming, Tree removal and takedowns, Deep Root Fertilization, Insect and mite treatment, Disease diagnosis and treatment, 24 Hour Emergency Tree Service, Storm Damage Risk Analysis, Woodlot Management, Lot and Land Clearing, Stump and Root Grinding and removal, Cabling & Bracing, Lightning Protection Systems and more.
At our goal is to treat every customer like our ONLY customer by offering High quality, Professional, Reliable Tree Services at a fair price!!! We treat homeowners, as well as commercial, institutional, government and historic properties in Camden, Gloucester, and Northern Salem Counties. Our Tree Removal Company is BIG enough to handle the biggest job and small enough to provide you with the service and attention that you deserve.

NOW AVAILABLE, Tree Services in: South Jersey, Camden County, Sewell, Turnersville, Williamstown, Woodbury, Woodbury Heights, Deptford, West Deptford and Sicklerville.

All product and Business names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Eric Boss

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19 Apr 2017

Tree Removal in CT – Connecticut Tree Services

tree service
Tree Removal in CT – Connecticut Tree Services

Tree and playground removal is causing property values to fall. If the Home Owners Associations focus on pinching pennies, they may never realize where the losses are.

The home owner and condominium associations are removing the necessary components of their common areas. To their credit, some associations have elected to replace them with dog runs.

Trees may fall on folk and autos and youngsters may get hurt on the playgrounds

Removal of common elements regularly have devastating effects on the culture of the community. A park-like scene is quickly turned into mere concrete, dust and possibly a dog run. This permits the fogeys a chance to start to know each other while the youngsters would have the necessary chance to be kids.

Families are compelled to spend more time inside when the green space is removed. This has a direct negative effect on the sense of community, the social skill and health of our youth.

There is no consideration as to the result on world warming. There is a reduction of shade ; increased power and water bills ; and it often becomes more expensive to the association and unit owner, than the increased insurance rates they might have paid.

By-laws to save the green space can be implement, if unit owners take the the request to their boards and request a vote If they don’t show the initiative to do this, they may come back home one day and find that there land is raped of many grown up trees and playgrounds.

This is occurring and this happened to me. I owned a condominium in Montgomery County Maryland. I found numerous mature trees removed from my community, when I came back from vacation. The playground which faced my home had beautiful shade trees to keep the kids cool and shaded was now totally exposed to the afternoon sun and heat.

The board members had the trees removed. I wanted to know why they did not get an independent party to make the suggestions. They had no response. I have yet to receive the report and don’t expect one.

I sold the property as quickly as I could. I was the subject of a board that had terrible decision making capabilities. I stopped them from removing the playground appliances. Nobody on the board had young children. They didn’t understand the value of a playground.

Take the drive to save your assets .Now I could be a commissioner on the Commission on Common possession Communities. I’m trying to make some changes so that everyone could benefit. Take action Now

For more information on CT Tree Services.

CT Tree Removal


tree service

19 Apr 2017

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results

Tree Industry Survery

In December and January, Tree Services surveyed 250 arborists and tree care company owners on the state of the industry, including questions about safety, overcoming various challenges, budgeting, equipment and more:

  • 64 percent of respondents classified themselves as tree care business owners, 23 percent as managers/supervisors/foremen and the remaining 13 percent as crew members, consultants and “other.”
  • 30 percent of respondents have an arboriculture-related degree (bachelor’s, master’s or associate).

How many employees does your company have?

  • 68% – 1 to 10
  • 12% – 51 to over 100
  • 11% – 11 to 25
  • 9% – 26 to 50

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 1

Are you an International Society of Arboriculture-certified arborist?

  • 47% – Yes
  • 35% – No
  • 18% – Not currently, but I plan to be someday

Our Take

The tree care profession has been growing rapidly over the past decade. With that being said, there’s a significant amount of knowledge required to perform at the highest level. ISA credentials help consumers identify qualified, knowledgeable tree care professionals. According to the ISA, “earning a credential is a voluntary activity, but it demonstrates that you have the proper knowledge and skills, as well as a high level of dedication to your profession and your community.”

Your Take

“[Becoming ISA-certified someday] is important to me because I’ve found that throughout my working life, formal education and certification opens doors. Certification provides credibility.”

Chris Todd, White Glove Tree Services (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

“[Becoming ISA certified] was significantly important to me in terms of knowledge, creditability and financially. The certification is a direct reflection of the commitment being made to the profession.”

Mick Bostwick, Four Seasons Tree Care (Vista, California)

“I just put in my application [to become ISA-certified]. I’ve wanted to get certified for several years now, but have never took the time to do it. I’m going through it now to prove to my customers that we are indeed held to an ethical code and high standards.”

Andrew Owens, Turning Leaf Tree Service (Swannanoa, North Carolina)

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 2

What piece of equipment couldn’t you do without?

Top 5 Answers:

  • Chipper
  • Truck
  • Chain saw
  • Skid steer
  • Aerial lift

Our Take

Chippers were far and away the most frequent answer to the question. One of the essentials of tree care, chippers are at the core of how many tree care companies make their money. Manufacturers are constantly developing new models with features like improved ease of use and increased horsepower.

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 3

What is your company’s 2017 budget, as compared to 2016?

  • 43% – About the same
  • 23% – Up more than 10 percent
  • 15% – Up 10 percent
  • 13% – Up 5 percent
  • 4% – Down 5 percent
  • 1% – Down more than 10 percent
  • 1% – Down 10 percent

Your Take

“I think that embracing business technology (such as ArborGold software) and business guidance from industry trade associations have helped us to increase our focus on improving our sales volume. We have plans to upgrade our fleet in 2017 to a nimbler truck and chipper setup that will be able to quickly navigate our increasingly congested urban roads. We are also developing new profit centers in the business. For example, rather than simply chipping up our byproducts, we have begun milling our locally harvested wood into marketable raw materials and finished custom products.”

Matthew Clemons, Fort Worth Arborist Company (Fort Worth, Hampton Roads)

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 4

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a tree care professional?

  • 54% – Finding reliable help
  • 15% – Mother Nature
  • 14% – Forced to use older equipment
  • 11% – Managing employees/staff issues
  • 6% – Working safely and iHampton Roadsury-free

Our Take

Finding reliable help is the biggest challenge, by far, that our respondents face as tree care professionals. As many tree care company owners all over the U.S. can attest to, the need for skilled workers has never been higher.

Your Take

“I live in a rural area, so finding someone who has at least a tiny bit of experience [is difficult]. Finding someone who is willing to learn is even harder.”

Daniel Giovacchini, Outdoor Solutions (Crescent City, California)

“By having to use older equipment, I’m forced to continually spend time and money on broken down tools. In 2017, I plan on purchasing equipment that’s more suitable for the task at hand — not necessarily new equipment, but better-suited tools.”

Buddy Rodanski, Arbor Aide (Sand Springs, Oklahoma)

“[Handling staff issues] is an ongoing process. We commit an annual dollar amount, per person, for training and education. We attend the annual Tree Care Industry Expo and we participate in the educational sessions they provide to bring back information to share with the company as a whole. We have also enrolled our senior managers in leadership development, team building and communication programs to expanded their skills.”

Mick Bostwick, Four Seasons Tree Care (Vista, California)

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 5

Generally, do you feel good about the tree care industry?

  • 89% – Yes, I feel our industry seems to be on the upswing
  • 11% – No, I feel our industry doesn’t have a positive outlook

Our Take

The tree care industry is growing in leaps and bounds, especially in terms of technology and professionalism. Organizations like the ISA and the Tree Care Industry Association do a great job in helping foster the future of the arboriculture industry. For these numbers to continue to grow, it’s imperative that the current generation of tree care pros take time to mentor and develop the next, younger generation. This ensures stability and longterm sustainability of this truly essential industry — our planet’s original “green” industry.

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 6

What’s one piece of equipment you’d like to upgrade?

Top 5 Answers

  • Truck
  • Chipper
  • Aerial lift
  • Stump grinder
  • Loader

Our Take

Your company’s work truck is how you get to your customers and it holds the tools and mechanisms that allow you to do your job each day. As one tree care pro put it, in a discussion thread on Tree Services’ forum website, “I think your equipment says a lot about your business. If you show up to a customer’s house with a backfiring, rickety, hydraulic oil-leaking bucket truck with a crooked boom, they probably won’t recommend you to their neighbors.” If you’re looking to upgrade your work truck, check with your trusted manufacturer. Work trucks can be built and customized to specifically fit your company’s needs and financial situation.

Your Take

“A lighter chain saw. As a municipal agency, we are always behind the curve.”

Dorothy Rowan, New York City Department of Parks & Recreation (New York)

“We have good equipment; we just need skilled employees.”

Anonymous respondent

“We have a 60-foot bucket. It would be nice to have a 75-foot elevator lift.”

Michael Marett, urban forester (Sandy City, Utah)

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 7

How often do meetings about safety occur at your company?

  • 35% – Weekly
  • 30% – Daily
  • 22% – Whenever it’s needed
  • 13% – Monthly

Our Take

We frequently promote the importance of safety meetings and it appears most of our survey respondents are on board, as 65 percent said their company conducts either weekly or daily safety meetings. We hope that in coming years this percentage increases. These meetings don’t have to be long, verbose or laborious. Keep it simple — as a start, take a few minutes each Monday morning to make sure employees are wearing their PPE and provide some basic safety reminders. We also recommend daily pre-job briefings.

Your Take

“[Safety meetings] are at the very top of our list of priorities for the entire company — our people are our number one asset! Our profession is wrought with needless iHampton Roadsuries. By holding weekly safety meetings and enforcing job site safety meetings for our crews, we’re demonstrating a consistent commitment that reflects the culture of our company.”

Mick Bostwick, Four Seasons Tree Care (Vista, California)

“We don’t have a formal safety meeting every day, but we do have a very thorough pre-job briefing. My crew has a great safety attitude, and we’re always talking about more ways we can work safer.”

Andrew Owens, Turning Leaf Tree Service (Swannanoa, North Carolina)

“Our weekly safety meetings have helped to increase awareness among the production staff and sales/management staff. The weekly meetings give the business a formatted forum that helps everyone on our team become better communicators. They also improve cohesion between sectors within the business that would otherwise not cross paths during the work day.”

Matthew Clemons, Fort Worth Arborist Company (Fort Worth, Hampton Roads)

Which methods of technology do you use on the job, for work purposes?

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 8

* Respondents could choose more than one answer

  • 65% – Mobile apps on phone
  • 32% – Laptop computer
  • 30% – Tablet
  • 26% – Bluetooth technology
  • 21% – None of these

Our Take

Your smartphone is rapidly becoming an essential tool both in the office and, more importantly, out in field. Almost two-thirds of our survey respondents use mobile apps on their smartphones for work purposes. There are apps available that can help with tree identification, tree inventory, doing estimates, generating invoices, staying ahead of the weather and improving your tree healthcare skills — just to name a few.

Your Take

“I’m old-fashioned, I just check the weather.”

Anonymous respondent

“We video every part of tree removal via head cams, both on the climber and ground personnel. We also use Bluetooth communication.”

Ryan Thomas Powell, Powell and Sons Urban Forestry (Fishers, Indiana)

“Paper, pencil and maps.”

Anonymous respondent

“I use ArborPlus for my tree inventories. I like it, but haven’t used any other software.”

Andrew Owens, Turning Leaf Tree Service (Swannanoa, North Carolina)

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 9

If you could do it all over again, would you become an arborist/tree care professional?

  • 84% – Yes, I love my chosen field
  • 16% – No, I wish I would’ve gone into something else

Our Take

Essentially, eight out of 10 survey respondents said they love being in the arboriculture/tree care industry. We’ve always found tree care professionals to be a passionate, dedicated and proud group. We salute all of you who go to work each day with a love for your job.

Your Take

“My favorite part of being a tree care professional is advocating for the health and well-being of people among trees, through an understanding of maintaining particular areas and setting aside others where we can live in harmony with nature.”

Buddy Rodanski, Arbor Aide (Sand Springs, Oklahoma)

“I truly like helping people and there’s no question that we do that. Also, the physical component [of the job] keeps me in far better shape than I would be otherwise, which is important to me. I almost forgot… I love trees!”

Chris Todd, White Glove Tree Services (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

“My favorite part of this profession is the satisfied clients and being able to educate them in proper tree care.”

Joe Mattox, Premier Forestry (New Bern, North Carolina)

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 10

Do you think the tree care industry is more safety-conscious, or safety-ware, then it was say, 10 years ago?

  • 94% – Yes, the industry has become more safety-aware
  • 6% – No, not really

Our Take

Events like the ISA Conference & Trade Show and TCI Expo feature invaluable safety seminars and discussions that help this cause. The next step is reducing the number of yearly fatal (and non-fatal) accidents on job sites across the country.

Your Take

“There seems to be a stronger push for more and continued training, as there are multiple options for safety and training seminars and classes. Also, the tools and equipment we use are safer than what we used several years ago. Safety is what gets us home each day.”

Joe Mattox, Premier Forestry (New Bern, North Carolina)

“I believe the tree care industry is more safety conscious because co-workers my age and younger are being introduced to the industry with safety protocol already in place. They develop those good habits, for example using PPE.”

Buddy Rodanski, Arbor Aide (Sand Springs, Oklahoma)

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 11

Do you think it’s easier, or harder, to make a living as a tree care profesisonal than say, 10 yeas ago?

  • 52% – It’s harder to make a living in this business now than it was 10 years ago
  • 48% – It’s easier to make a living in this business now than it was 10 years ago

Our Take

There isn’t much separating the two answers here, but the numbers say that more respondents feel it’s harder to make a living in the tree care profession now than a decade ago. Possible reasons for this are increasing competition in certain cities and regions, expanding business costs (labor, equipment, etc.) and the fact consumers may choose to spend their money on things other than tree care. On the other side, why for some is it easier to make a living in the business now, as compared to 10 years ago? How about the fact that technology has made business much easier, or that professionalism and online (web and social media) marketing have increased within the industry?

Your Take

“I’m only five years in this business, but even in that time, there seems to have been a proliferation of tree service companies in our area. Thus, there has been some downward pressure on pricing, which is what leads me to my feeling that it’s a little tougher these days.”

Chris Todd, White Glove Tree Services (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

“I attribute this difficulty directly to our labor costs. Aside from the hidden costs of labor, such as payroll taxes and general labor burden, direct labor costs in our market are up 33 percent since 2006. Meanwhile, our hourly rate for the same labor has only increased 13 percent in the same timeframe.”

Matthew Clemons, Fort Worth Arborist Company (Fort Worth, Hampton Roads)

Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results 12

Which of these causes you the most stress?

  • 45% – Staff/personnel issues
  • 36% – Trying to balance work and personal life
  • 10% – Not enough business
  • 9% – The safety of my workers

Our Take

Dealing with employees in the proper and effective manner — especially those that cause problems — is a task that takes sensitivity, experience and good communication throughout your organization. Also troubling is the fact that 36 percent of respondents say that trying to balance work and personal life causes them the most stress. Working long hours for days, weeks and even months at a time can wreak havoc on family life at home. Therefore, it’s important to take time to decompress after the day is done and leave work at work.

 View the full survey results here.

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19 Apr 2017

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