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13 Nov 2018

Ferris IS 3200 Midnight Limited Edition Commercial Mower Debuts

Briggs & Stratton Corporation debuted its new Ferris® IS® 3200 Midnight limited edition commercial mower at the recent GIE+EXPO to celebrate its 20th anniversary of suspension technology. Available for a limited-time only, new styling highlights a premium Ferris suspension, new rugged tires and a multifunctional front end guard with recessed jack mount for increased accessibility and LED lights for increased visibility.

commercial mowerPremium features on the new IS 3200 Midnight limited edition mower allow operators to work comfortably while achieving the highest cut quality.

Benefits include:

  • Unrivaled Comfort: A premium HP shock system with a 12-position adjustable dampening, and progressive rate spring allows the shock to smoothly absorb smaller bumps while being firm enough to handle big dips. A top-of-the-line, two-tone suspension seat with headrest optimizes operator comfort.
  • Improved Cut Quality: The upgraded shocks and springs on the IS 3200 Midnight limited edition mower allow the patented adjustable front and rear suspension technology and the iCD Cutting System to follow the terrain even more closely, allowing the systems to work even better.
  • Easy Access, Better Visibility: A new multi-functional front end guard provides a recessed jack mount for easy access to deck components and recessed LED headlights for loading enclosed trailers at dusk, extending the day.
  • Improved Traction: New tires feature a rugged, deep tread design for added traction.

“The IS 3200 Midnight edition is the first unit crafted by the Advanced Concepts Team,” said Joe Ferris, product manager, commercial products. “This select, cross-functional team took the IS 3200 model to the next level of performance and styling through the application of advanced technology.”

Powered by a 37 gross horsepower Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™ EFI engine, the IS 3200 Midnight limited edition commercial mower features the patented and proven Oil Guard™ System. This system, exclusively from Vanguard, extends the oil change interval to 500 hours. This saves landscape contractors up to 60 percent per unit on oil maintenance each season3. That means less labor costs, technical skills and tools are needed to perform timely oil changes.

Ferris will manufacture 500 units of the IS 3200 Midnight limited edition, and will be sold exclusively through the authorized Ferris dealer network.

The new IS 3200 Midnight limited edition is protected by an unmatched 2+2 Year Limited Warranty. The mower is covered for the first two years with unlimited hours – and years 3-4 up to 500 hours. All suspension components, including the coil-over shocks, and frame are covered for five years or 60 months. Landscape professionals can find their local Ferris dealer to schedule a demonstration at

  • See operator’s manual or for complete warranty details.
  • All power levels are stated at gross horsepower at 3600 RPM per SAE J1940 as rated by Briggs & Stratton.
  • Cost savings based on standard oil maintenance with 100-hour interval versus Oil Guard System 500-hour service interval.

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12 Nov 2018

Military Families Need Your Help

Winter 2019 is going to be a teeth-chattering cold one, with plenty of snow, according to the venerable Farmers’ Almanac. That’s not the news families of deployed military personnel want to hear since clearing driveways and sidewalks of snow and ice is physically taxing, and a real hardship when one of the primary heads of household is not there.

military personnelThat’s why the need for volunteers remains strong and Project EverGreen, in partnership with BOSS Snowplow, is once again teaming up to make a difference this winter by encouraging snow management professionals to register to become a Project EverGreen SnowCare for Troops volunteer.

Now in its ninth year, the need for SnowCare for Troops volunteers is still tremendous. With military deployments occurring regularly across the U.S., new volunteers are needed in all states to provide snow removal service to the families of deployed military personnel. Volunteers are matched with families within their service area.

“SnowCare for Troops provides military families in need with peace of mind and lifts a significant burden from their plates,” says Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen. “We’re very grateful for the commitment of our dedicated volunteers and the continued support from BOSS Snowplow. The leadership they have demonstrated in support of military families goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

November 11-17, 2018 is National SnowCare for Troops Awareness Week and is intended to raise the profile of the program and spotlight the efforts of the initiative’s loyal volunteers and the military families they help. Throughout the week, profiles and stories will be shared via social media. A video about the program is also available to view online.

military personnelSnowCare for Troops is more than clearing driveways and sidewalks of snow and ice. It’s a means to help military families maintain their independence and go about their daily routines taking care of family, work, school and more.

“BOSS Snowplow supports the SnowCare for Troops program as a meaningful way for our employees and our customers to give back to military families,” said Mark Klossner, director of marketing, BOSS Snowplow. “Our customers have great pride for their country and our armed forces and want to help others, so we are proud to lend our support.”

For more information or to register to be a SnowCare for Troops volunteer, visit the Project EverGreen website.

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12 Nov 2018

Next Gen 25-inch PLUGR Aerator Provides Unprecedented Productivity

Ideal for commercial applications, the Next Gen 25-inch PLUGR® aerator from Billy Goat Industries offers up to 42,550 square feet of aeration per hour in a single pass and an estimated 30-plus percent greater return on investment versus traditional drum units.

With its exclusive Variable Aeration Density (VAD™), operators can vary hole spacing from 8 to 45 holes per square foot, allowing for the versatility of pulling plugs at the density suited for turf conditions, plus at .5 mph will produce 45 holes per square foot for patch repair and seed bed prep. The machine’s reciprocating action drives plugs up to 2x the depth of drums and aerates in wet or dry conditions, saving time and maximizing productivity.

aeratorThe unit features self-propelled rear-wheel hydro-drive and front wheel casters for ultimate in-ground turning. Along with patent pending EZ Lift n Drop™ tine engagement/disengagement, the tines gently drag across obstacles in the aeration path with the simple release of a lever — without interrupting aeration. There’s simply no aerator easier to maneuver, smoother to operate or more efficient to use.

Simple, intuitive hydro-drive controls allow feathering the speed with finger-tip access and matches Billy Goat’s family of hydro-drive products for common “feel” and fleet consistency. The patent pending EZ Lift™ rear foot pedal conveniently lifts and locks tines for added maneuverability when using the reverse feature or when transporting the unit.

Convenient no-tool flip-up hoods offer best in class interior machine and belt access for easy service, plus a mere six tines versus up to 42 on a 26” drum unit gives a whole new meaning to quick and easy service!

Top it off with a 40-pound capacity water weight tank positioned directly over the tines for better aeration depth and wheel traction in drier conditions.

The Next Gen PL2501 ser. aerator is powered by your choice of a 163cc Honda or a 203cc Vanguard 200. The new Vanguard 200 dimensions and bolt configuration make it a drop-in solution for equipment powered by other engine manufacturers. This high performing engine is 40% quieter* and has 15% less vibration** and includes TransportGuard® to prevent oil dilution during transport, an industry-leading oil management system that allows the engine to run efficiently for up to 200 hours between oil changes, and an advanced fully cyclonic air filtration system which extends air filter replacement intervals to 600 hours.

* As compared to Honda GX200 at 3600 RPM full load with standard muffler. Sound levels may vary based on application and conditions.
** As compared to Honda GX200. Vibration may vary based on application and conditions.

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06 Nov 2018

Cushman Hauler 4×4 For The Heavy Lifting

Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc., a Textron Inc. company, has introduced the new Cushman Hauler 4×4. The Hauler 4×4 series has been built to handle tough jobs for many types of facilities, including golf courses, rental facilities, construction sites, and municipal parks.

With a 2,000-pound towing capacity, 1,500-pound payload, and 1,000-pound cargo box, The Hauler 4×4 series is ideal to perform the heavy lifting at a facility. A purposeful dash includes a multi-function display that communicates vehicle performance and diagnostics. Hauler 4×4 models offer several storage locations, including behind and under the seat, and a glove box ideal for transporting gear such as gloves, goggles and tools.

Hauler 4x4

The new Cushman Hauler 4×4

“The new Cushman Hauler 4×4 offers our customers four-wheel-drive capability, with the cargo capacity and a feature set designed to get challenging tasks done and make the work shift more efficient,” said Mike Parkhurst, TSV vice president, Golf & Turf North America. “It’s the latest expansion of our versatile Hauler line of utility vehicles, which provides a complete, robust line of gas, diesel and electric utility vehicles to tackle any job.”

The Hauler 4×4 is available as a three-person vehicle, and the Hauler 4×4 Crew accommodates up to six people. Both models are available in either a whisper-quiet 50hp gas engine, or a robust 25hp diesel engine. Electronic power steering is standard on Crew models, and available as an option on three-passenger models.

With standard safety features such as seat belts, doors, and a rollover protection system, the Hauler 4×4 was developed to protect the crew. Other standard features include high/low-beam headlights, LED brake lights and taillights, and a locking rear differential.

Hauler 4×4 series vehicles can be equipped with a wide selection of options and accessories to exceed job requirements, including a glass windshield, canopy, center seat console, under seat storage, a rear-view mirror, and more.

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05 Nov 2018

This Week’s Cool Threads November 5, 2018

From purchasing the right equipment to preventing winter damage, popular questions posted by the ice and snow management professionals on PlowSite forums this past week.

Introduce Yourself to the Community

  • A  Junior Member who is new to both and the industry is looking for ways to work more efficiently so he can grow his business before adding a second truck. He’s always used a strait blade, but is being advised that a v-plow will cut his plow times by at least 30%. Share your thoughts…. 

Heavy Equipment

  • A addict from Bethany, CT is considering purchasing skid steer snow blowers. Both of his current machines are not high flow, and he wants to know what to expect from the lower flow units. Share your thoughts… 
  • A Senior Member from Lincoln, IL is looking for feedback on the HLA EdgeFlex plow. If you’re familiar with this product, share your experience…  

Bidding & Estimating

  • A Junior Member from Albany, NY wants to know how much to charge for plowing a one-and-a-half acre parking lot. Share your thoughts….

Commercial Snow Removal

  • A Junior Member is the groundskeeping manager at small college in New York, and was asked to pull up speed bumps for the winter. He’s concerned about water creeping in the empty bolt holes and damaging the driveway. What’s your experience? Share your thoughts… 

Residential Snow Removal


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