China Led Lighting Market Opportunities And Many Challenges Are Not Small

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Lighting the continuous development of market opportunities and challenges faced by a great, and China’s first LED lighting in the recently released national standards, which had become so hot in the field of LED lighting has become more “real.” Since from the most recent industry data and information given in view, the future of China’s LED lighting market will exist enormous opportunities, but want to set foot in this market, enterprises should also be recognized, LED lighting there are no small challenge .

The opportunity is at hand

Just look at China’s civil lighting, there is a value of about 400 billion yuan in the market. “This is the Philips Lighting (China) Bi Bai Ling, CEO of the interview with the media revealed an attractive data. In his view, represented by the lighting companies, China’s lighting market in the future is bound to be a contested the Promised Land.

Their confidence stems from the Chinese government’s attitude and LED lighting product itself a powerful advantage.

Energy-saving advantages of LED lighting products, it also heralds the future of their industry can not shake the leading status: According to industry to a 11-watt high-quality energy-saving lamps, for example, with figures to prove the absolute superiority of the product: This one-hour energy-saving lamps in 6000 life period, has the same effect than the 60-watt incandescent lamp consumes 294 kwh less, saving expenditure on more than 160 yuan.

In recent years, the Chinese government are taking on increasingly firm approach to implement the phase-out incandescent plans, including LED lighting products, including energy-saving lamps fortunate to receive strong government support. In addition, the domestic large-scale construction of public facilities have launched, and increased the use of the number of LED lighting products.

Hiding behind the great challenges opportunities

The Chinese market this huge profit margins began to be quietly at home and abroad lighting giant lock. However, there is involved in this market will also be high risk. Astonishingly high current LED production costs has become a presence in all sectors want to pre-empt the key to business R & D investment, and many industry insiders say 2010 will be a test of LED lighting firm’s capital strength, an important year for. Who should occupy the commanding height, and who will have the most extensive market.

In the wrong direction and going further away is also Wang Ran. At present quite a few companies have for LED lighting products, a further sum of R & D investment of huge sums of money, but the road ahead, these enterprises do not how much is clear. The good news is, the recent letter to the Department of Engineering announced the first national standard lighting products for enterprises pointed out the direction of product development. Industry analysis, a new field, at home and abroad enterprises turn lamps have a heated rivalry, who wins there is no fixed number, only when the market’s fierce competition to constantly upgrade themselves.
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