China supplies the economic crisis look for four principle industry

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Supplies industry in China is like being blocked from children suffered in childhood when “337 investigation” fierce head of a rod, subject to the general rule that, so completely lost in China supplies industry supplies the world’s total spending of more than 30% the U.S. market, European markets also not very bright future. So many production companies shrinking supplies, costs, benefits decline, and some layoffs, and some closure … …

Entered in 2008, along with the global economic downturn or even recession, the global Print Supplies market is also changing, printing supplies industry in China faces many challenges … …

Despite all kinds of sharpening and the plight of consumables industry in China has not yield before the setbacks, but learned to survive in the contradictions and frictions and growth.

Although the supplies industry is facing many difficulties and confusion in full, but the industry still has unlimited supplies prospects. In this process, we must crack down on counterfeit consumables, do not blindly believe that the original supplies, support and promotion of green supplies and general supplies brand.

Rampant counterfeit consumables market supplies Serious hazards of counterfeit consumables business, consumers are harmed

We know that green supplies very low% share in the domestic market. In China Printer Supplies market, all kinds of famous brand original supplies the highest proportion, accounting for around five percent, general supplies about one percent. In addition, 30% of the market share occupied by fake and inferior products.

30% market share of counterfeit supplies appear largely due to consumers blind pursuit of the original supplies. Some lawless elements to the price of 10 yuan each recycling old ink cartridges, ink poured into low-grade, paste brand Label , Can be sold to tens of dollars. As the low cost false, false cartridges profitable, diverted a considerable part of the market space.

In the printer market, parallel imports and counterfeit supplies major sale to small and medium enterprises, SOHO and home users. Because usually some large industrial customers, vendors will have a number of targeted services, and business Purchase Are relatively standardized in accordance with procedures, parallel imports and counterfeit supplies into the area difficult. Medium-sized businesses, SOHO and home users are not, they usually direct purchases in the market, it is inevitable due to cost and lack of knowledge and other factors BiaHampton Roadsia enough to buy parallel imports and counterfeit supplies.

Parallel imports and counterfeit supplies of flooding damage on the interests of consumers can not be underestimated. Counterfeit consumables purchased the interests of consumers are not protected effectively. When the printer if a problem occurs, consumers will be difficult to eHampton Roadsoy the service provided by the printer manufacturers, only to pay big bucks to the maintenance point for repairs. From the printer manufacturer’s point of view, the proliferation of parallel imports and counterfeit consumables seriously affected the company’s brand image, he has suffered a huge loss of profits, while allowing brands overwhelmed after-sale service center, thereby affecting the interests of other consumers.

In addition, the counterfeit consumables in the production process, the lack of the necessary environmental protection facilities, which supplies counterfeit volatile toxic substances will seriously damage the health of consumers, increase the risk of skin diseases, respiratory diseases and the risk of leukemia. Also, because of counterfeit materials and supplies its own means of backward technology, the print output operation when the printer is liable to suffer damage to internal components and reduce the life of the printer.

Is due to the impact of counterfeit consumables, supplies the whole competition in the market now can be said to be fierce. For present purposes, these distributors, to grab a share of the most direct solution would be to bargain. But what it will evolve into a pattern then? If a cartridge of reasonable profit is 5 yuan, then the bargain will become after the 3 yuan, 1 yuan, or even out of the original supplies this market to the ranks of counterfeit supplies.

Order to eliminate the danger of counterfeit supplies on the market, printing companies to further improve the service system, with services to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs and home users to win approval, thereby eliminating the subjective purchase of parallel imports and counterfeit supplies the motivation.
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