Confessions of a Self-Watering Container Novice

Gardener’s Supply’s self-watering planters will be featured at the 2018 Northwest Flower and Garden Festival, where garden experts will compete to create original container plantings during a daily Container Wars competition. The festival takes place in Seattle on Feb. 7-11.

One of the most productive times of the year for a gardener is the winter — when we’re planning and dreaming of what we’ll do in the dirt this year. What to plant where? And when?

Of course, some of us are also making travel plans for the spring and summer. Maybe a jaunt to the beach. But as gardeners, a weekend away can spell disaster for our beloved tomatoes and flowers. And that’s where that garden planning can really come in handy. Because using a self-watering planter can make the difference between a robust plant and, well, you know.

I first started using self-watering containers a couple years ago, not really knowing that the containers wouldn’t actually water my plants per se. I quickly learned that they do extend the amount of time between waterings, thanks to a clever water reservoir. They also provide consistent moisture to plant roots, eliminating over- and under-watering. It’s a little bit like a secret weapon, protecting against gardening goofs.

Gardener’s Supply’s self-watering containers are in the spotlight in Seattle this week as ten top gardening experts face off in a live-action event called Container Wars at the 2018 Northwest Flower and Garden Festival. The festival takes place February 7-11, and the Container Wars event will be held each day from 11:30 to 12:30. Interested in designing your own creative containers? Check out our Container Gardening article for detailed how-to information.

See you on the beach!

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