Different Types Of Trees

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Different Types Of Trees

A tree is a living thing which has leaves, branches, a trunk that is wooden and roots. Some trees have fruits or flowers and are tall in height.

Trees are classified according to their features and characteristics. They can be classified as green and non green depending on the leaves. Some trees have leaves that are ever green while others are green and dry up in some seasons. Here is a list of different types of trees.

Deciduous trees: this one looses its green colour at a certain time in season. They include; black oak and cherry, plane tree, pawpaw among others.

Evergreen trees: where its leaves are always green despite the climatic condition of the season. They include; pine, cedar and the spruce trees.

A conifer tree: which leaves are needle like and are evergreen but bear cones. The examples are; bald cypress, pine, spruce and cedar. They have been in existence for more than 290 million years and are grown all over the world. They lead in producing renewable resources.

Flowering trees: produce flowers which create a pleasing scenery from the different colours of flowers. They include; pawpaw, cheery, mimosa tree among others.

Oak trees: are hard wood trees and have clustered flowers. They are mostly identified by the fruit they bear called acorn. They grow in wet or high low lands on mountain slopes. The flowers grow during spring shedding big quantities of pollen to the wind.

Christmas tress: originates from as early as the 17th century. It is believed that they were discovered by Martin Luther as he was walking in the forest. also in England, in 1841 Prince Albert gave queen Victoria a Christmas tree as a gift which later spread all over the world. They add beauty to the season since people add lots of decorations around them.

Ash trees: consist of seventy different types of species and are mostly valued for timber and appear in early spring. They produce single fruits called samaras and have long petals and produce sweet gum. Scientists have failed to get a permanent solution to a disease that kills the trees in a period of ten years.

Big trees: are those that grow up to a height of forty feet and provide shelter or protection. They include; sweet gum, oak among others.

Willow trees: grow in moist areas like river banks and grow very fast. Their leaves provide food for wild animals while others are used in making ornaments. Its wood is also used for different purposes. They have male and female flowers which lack sepals and petals.

Shade trees: are commonly known to provide shade and protection from direct sunlight. They have big leaves and many branches that are close to each other which enable the trees provide a good shade.

Olive trees: are known for their sweet fruits and wood. They have white flowers and have a small green fruit that turns blue or purple when ripe. However before the fruit can be eaten it is recommended that it is prepared well because it contains acid. The fruit is also used as a fat since oil is extracted from it.

So whatever the type of tree you choose to plant, you should look at the climate that will favour it according to its characteristics.

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