diplodiaArborjet, a tree and plant health care company, now has Diplodia tip blight listed on its 2(ee) label for Propizol® Systemic Fungicide. Recent studies show high success rates when infected pines are treated using Arborjet’s injection technology. Left untreated, repeat infections can spread from needle fascicles to the entire tree branch, and ultimately result in tree death.diplodia

Diplodia tip blight is a fungal disease that mostly affects the Austrian pine, Ponderosa pine, and to a lesser degree, Scots and Mugo pine. Diplodia tip blight primarily affects established landscape trees, generally 30 years or older. It kills branches by causing cankers and infects the vascular tissue with blue stain. Environmental stresses can elicit the disease or predispose the tree to infection. These include factors such as storm damage from wind, ice or hail, and moisture stress from dry conditions.

Experts at Arborjet recommend treatment for diplodia in the late fall when temperatures are cooler, and when resin flow is reduced to aid the uptake of Propizol®. Arborjet’s treatment method:

  • Injects and seals the formulation directly into a tree’s vascular system. Nothing is placed in the soil or into the air.

  • Allows a tree to be treated for over 20 years if needed, before the costs equal that of removing  and replacing a tree.

  • Saves mature trees, which reduce CO2 production, energy costs, and stormwater runoff while maintaining property values.