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Do You Need Certification To Rent A Scissor Lift

A scissor lift is a vertically extended aerial work platform. It is used to access out of reach areas, but is deemed to be extremely dangerous; as such, a license is required in order to rent a scissor lift in the United States.

OSHA dictates the laws governing scissor lift usage; they state that the use of an aerial work platform must be preceded by a training program and certification. So, while one can rent a scissor lift without said program, he/she cannot use the scissor lift legally. A certification class is recommended to learn safety measures that must be taken in order to avoid gruesome iHampton Roadsury.

It should be noted that though many do-it-your-selfers feel inclined to rent a scissor lift in order to accomplish such tasks as tree removal or roof repair, the danger of the scissor lift when combined with danger of such tasks, as well as the cost of extended rental on a scissor lift with extension beyond 10m make such an inclination inadvisable. An average person would incur less costs and potential iHampton Roadsury by simply hiring a professional.

The cost of the average scissor lift operational certificate class, in addition to the cost to rent a scissor lift for more than a day, makes the ability to rent a scissor lift by a private individual (versus a company) imprudent. If after taking all risks and costs into consideration, one still wishes to rent a scissor lift, that person may find available training classes through different tracks. For more information visit to our site at

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