EcoMight Introduces Alternative Organic Weed And Grass Killer

A new organic weed and grass killer, Whack Out Weeds! (W.O.W.), is now available from EcoMIGHT. W.O.W., an alternative solution to toxic chemicals in weed and grass killers currently on the market, is a professional non-selective liquid concentrate that provides powerful results with a minimum risk designation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).organic weed and grass killer

With the increasing number of cities banning glyphosate, the industry was seeking a non-toxic solution to weed and grass killer products. Since farming, weeding and gardening by hand is not a viable option for professional landscapers and park and facility managers, a chemical-free alternative was vital. EcoMIGHT offers a safe and effective alternative for applicators that does not adversely affect the environment.

With no re-entry period, when used as directed, the product is safe for use around people, kids, pets, aquatic life and most importantly, the applicator. W.O.W. is readily biodegradable and does not destroy the millions of vital soil microbes, nor causes runoff into groundwater that typically harms aquatic life as a result of chemicals in toxic alternatives. With a simple, direct application, it kills unwanted weeds and grasses to the root.

“We saw a tremendous need to provide the industry with a cost-effective and non-toxic alternative, and we have been testing the product for a few years to ensure its effectiveness and safety for applicators. We’re thrilled to be able to finally introduce it to consumers,” said CEO of EcoMIGHT, Michael Briansky. “We’ve already received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from customers who were seeking organic weed and grass killers telling us, ‘Wow! This works.’”

The emergence of organic products and corresponding research has demonstrated the powerful effect that rival results of synthetic ingredients. With W.O.W., customers do not have to sacrifice effectiveness for non-toxic chemicals. According to W.O.W.’s customers, a significant majority have agreed that the product is stronger and more effective than products made with harmful chemicals.

“I’ve used nearly every alternative weed and grass killer over the last 30 years working in the golf industry, and in order for me to use a product, it must be the best in the industry,” said Shannon Easter, environmental consultant and director of golf course maintenance and sustainability at The Broken Sound Club, Boca Raton, FL. “W.O.W. is not only safe and natural, but it is highly effective and superior to other products I’ve used.”

In addition to W.O.W., EcoMIGHT makes Mosquito & Pest Control INTERRUPTER.  Both naturally organic and highly effective products are available online at

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