Fuel Delivery Leads To Less Downtime At Serpico Landscaping

It may sound simple, but fuel delivery can greatly impact the way  a landscape business operates. Consider the case of Serpico Landscaping, based in Hayward, CA. With 60 commercial vehicles and more than 150 pieces of landscaping equipment, tracking fuel costs had always been difficult. But when fraudulent activity was discovered, expense tracking became even more of a top management priority.

Serpico Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company committed to creating beautiful outdoor spaces for housing communities and commercial properties. With over 200 employees, the fuel expenses were not only problematic for the reasons mentioned above, but the gas station stops themselves were actually causing a HR problem. It was a place where competitors would approach employees with new job opportunities.

Clearly a solution was needed to address these problems. That’s when Serpico decided to partner with Booster Fuels. As the number one same-day fuel delivery service in the U.S., Booster enables owners of fleets to set their own gas delivery schedule at their site, have direct billing, and access daily detailed reports of usage. Booster even says it’s a greener solution, with every fill-up saving 1.4 lbs of CO2 emissions.

fuel delivery

With Booster, now all of Serpico’s fleet vehicles and gas cans are fueled and ready to go before each shift begins. Serpico management quickly realized how the entire organization benefited from mobile fuel delivery. Since switching to Booster, Serpico has not only been able to take control of its fleet, but has also improved all aspects of its business, leading to better results and more success.

  • There were 5,000 hours of employee time reclaimed, which Serpico reinvested into training, enhancing customer service, and improving routes;

  • Higher employee retention was realized as a result of the increased attention to training and customer service;

  • Fuel fraud was eliminated since employees no longer purchased fuel at the gas station.

  • Gas expenses remained stable despite having a service.
    fuel delivery

    Peter Novak, President of Serpico Landscaping.

“We really pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service to create exciting and attractive outdoor spaces for our clients,” comments Peter Novak, President of Serpico. “With Booster, we are more efficient and operating at a higher level. Our partnership with them allows us to remain competitive, keep our clients happy, and run a more successful business. Our total fuel cost did not increase or decrease over what we were paying with our previous card program… it stayed flat. This is a clear win to us when considering all the service benefits of Booster, and the unlocked route productivity.”

Currently, Booster only delivers fuel in Austin, Dallas-Forth Worth, the Los Angeles Area, Nashville, Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle though service locations are always expanding.

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