How do i  make a garden gnome tree?

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One easily affordable garden design idea that can work really well is to make a charming gnome tree. Choose a tree in your garden that you think would make a good spot for a gnome collection.

The tree you choose should have plenty of surrounding shrubs and bushes to add to the mystery of the gnome world you are about to create.

A gnome door can be easily obtained or hand-made and attached to the base of the tree with a couple of small nails or glue. The front door of the gnome home  should be the same size as your gnomes so it looks more believable that they actually live in the tree. Add a door number or other miniature features such as a door step, some boots sitting on the door mat, or other such ideas that add to the affect. You could even add a little wooden staircase winding up the side of the tree trunk that leads to another door higher up the tree.

Battery or solar powered lights up in the branches of the tree will give added interest to the gnome tree at night. These could be small garden tools such as spades,forks,ladders etc. You could create a small garden path leading to the front door and sprinkle some glitter on it for a magical touch. These simple ideas create an quick and easy change from an ordinary spot in the garden into a cute and original little world.

Maybe the best gnomes are the ones that are left to ones imagination. If you have no gnomes around, invent them!

The great aspect of inventing your own gnomes is that is increases creativity and imagination. You might need to sit down and try and design your own ideas of gnomes to give the artist or sculptor and idea of what you want made.

This newly created secret magical garden feature can become very special, especially for younger kids. Their friends will all want a gnome tree too! The gnome tree encourages a child’s interest in fairy stories and playing out doors, eHampton Roadsoying nature and caring for the environment. Children young and old can make it their own special spot in the garden and the make believe idea of gnomes living inside a tree in their garden is a simple, charming element.

Children will love letting their imagination run away with the idea of a secret garden gnome hideaway in their own backyard, even if it is only on a high rise balcony in an apartment block. The gnome home theme ties in with the tradition of dolls houses and Wendy houses except the environment also encourages a love of outdoors and nature.

The same idea can be applied to a garden rockery if one is not fortunate enough to have a suitable tree around which to house your gnomes. Both environments allow for an eHampton Roadsoyable, pleasant expression of creativity and after all, ones garden should be a place where you can be light-hearted and tasteful at the same time. A word of caution though, gnomes randomly scattered throughout a garden can spoil it’s appearance especially if they are of different designs colors and sizes and out of proportion with each other. 
I am sure that if you follow the advice offered here and apply the universal principles of good design, your garden and gnomes should be able to live together in harmony without causing offense. If not, well maybe you might consider employing the services of a reputable Garden Lawn Gnome Consultant, to ensure success.

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