How to Get Rid of Cattails

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Among the most common of all aquatic plants, cattails help protect the banks of a pond from erosion. However when left unchecked, cattails can become a problem.

If you are fed up with the sight of cattails, its time you shed your worries and take them head on. Cattails become an indispensable part of any pond and since they are intrusive in nature, it becomes difficult to remove them. Removal of cattails can be done manually or with chemicals.

First will take you through the manual process of digging out cattails.

• Dig deep to extract cattails- It’s important to know the root cause behind the growth of these cattails. Cattails proliferate through rhizomes. These rhizomes expand their roots horizontally which result in the growth of new plants. Manual removal is the most ideal process as you dig out roots at the very beginning, when they start budding in a pond.

• If you want to extract a large amount of cattail stands, remove them with a backhoe.
Chemical Treatment

If the cattails have grown to a large extent and you need another effective method of killing them, you ought to choose a chemical treatment method, in that case.

For best results, your herbicide should include active ingredients like glyphosate or 2,4-D.

Now before applying the herbicide, it’s imperative to calculate the area and volume where it needs to be applied. Calculate area. Determine the shape of your pond, whether it’s roughly square, circular or triangular, and use the appropriate formula to solve for area. Contact Aquacide Company for details 1-800-328-9350 or With the help of our cattail removal products, all your problrms related to cattail removal will be put to rest.

When and How to use herbicides is most important – Applying herbicides during the spring season is most effective as cattails starts growing rapidly during this period.

Carefully read instruction before applying the chemicals. You will also be able to determine how much herbicide need to be applied for a particular patch.

• Apply to ½ the pond 7 – 10 days apart to ensure healthy oxygen levels for fish safely . Divide the pond into different portions, in case large amount of cattails needs to be removed

• Make use of a pond or yard sprayer to evenly distribute chemical on the affected portion. Remember to limit excess use as much as possible.

Don’t cut down dead cattails in a hurry. Wait for 21 days and observe if the chemical has fully worked on these plants and have killed cattails from their roots.

• Use devices like a sharp blade or weed whacker to cut down the cattails.

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