How to remove PPP at home – Pearly Penile Papules Home remedies

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Pearly Penile Papules can be cured completely using home remedies ,modern medicine suggests PPP removal surgeries to get rid of
PPP at home – But you can remove PPP using non surgical natural methods.

How effective are PPP Home remedies

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No one knows the exact cause of Pearly
Penile Papules. We come to know that they are blocked sebaceous
glands. They are small dome shaped bumps, either white or pink in
colour; Medical terminology for this condition is Hirsutis Papullaris
Genitalisas. These papules become visible when penis is erected or
during sexual activity. Major portion of male population between 20-30
years of age contract this disease.
These bumps
do not affect the general health of the sufferer but cause discomfort
on erection or sexual intercourse. They will be on the increase for a
few months and may disappear completely and reappear after a while.
PPP can be easily cured with proper treatment .It is pathetic that the
male becomes a psychological wreck. He develops inferiority complex
when the vital male genital organ, a symbol of masculinity, is
afflicted with papules.
Girls will start hating him and refuse
to have sex with him. In order to avoid the agony, the sufferer may go
for surgical methods The Laser co2 method, Surgical Excision, and
removal of bumps by Hyfrecator. In Laser co2 method bumps are
dissolved by using co2 laser. Sufferer has to spend a huge sum as
hospitalization is required for 2-3 weeks. Surgical excision that
scrapes off the bumps is also costly as it requires 2-3 weeks
hospitalization. Hyfrecator which uses low powered electric pulse and
passes mild power over the affected area of penis is a costly method
of treatment.
 Altogether four natural methods are
available for the removal of these bumps .They are: 1)Alpha Hydroxy
Acid 2) Triple Antibiotic Ointment 3)Castor Oil .and 4)Tree Tea Oil
The sufferer should apply these substances over the affected area a
few times .A day till the complete removal of PPP. The patient should
choose only one of the natural methods and follow it to remove the
bumps .One can select that method that is 100% safe, with out side
effect, less expensive and gives fast result with minimum recovery
period. PPP should be removed by proper treatment in order to get back
the lost enthusiasm for sexual life
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