HydroPoint Makes Smart Irrigation Simpler For Light Commercial Sites

HydroPoint Data Systems® has launched the WeatherTRAK® LC+ irrigation controller. Created specifically to meet the needs of the light commercial market, the new controller delivers the power of cloud-based smart irrigation at an affordable price.

The WeatherTRAK LC+ controller features sophisticated automation technology that improves efficiency, and delivers water savings by as much as 35 percent, at the most demanding sites. The controller also determines watering requirements based on local conditions, computed from a network of more than 48,000 weather stations across the U.S., to maintain plant health and provide an attractive landscape.

“Irrigation needs come in all sizes. The WeatherTRAK LC+ controller extends the power of cloud-based smart water management to light commercial users,” said Sean Penn, vice president of product management and marketing at HydroPoint. “Whether you manage the landscape on a city median, a local bank branch, or a large corporate campus, HydroPoint irrigation controllers can now cover all your needs to maximize the curb appeal of your properties, all while avoiding water waste and providing unsurpassed time savings and operational efficiency.”

The WeatherTRAK LC+ controller:

  • Provides irrigation across six to 36 stations to ensure the landscape gets the exact coverage it needs
  • Enables each station to be independently programmed with up to 72 cycles per station with automated cycle-and-soak
  • Learns the unique site and plant characteristics through easy input from the controller, the web, or a mobile device
  • Features a built-in 4G LTE cellular modem for reliable, high-speed, cloud-based connectivity to WeatherTRAK Central service and the WeatherTRAK Mobile app
  • Includes accurate, high-resolution daily weather updates to automatically manage irrigation schedules
  • Installs easily, with a mounting plate and built-in level included, to minimize installation costs for new and retrofit sites and get them up and running quickly

“The light commercial market for irrigation controllers has many of the same water management challenges of much larger sites, but often finds it hard to justify the cost of high-end water management systems,” said Erik Anderson, district manager, SiteOne Landscape Supply, Inc. “The WeatherTRAK LC+ irrigation controller delivers the perfect blend of features and price for those light commercial jobs seeking a workhorse water management tool.”

The WeatherTRAK LC+ controller, which starts at a suggested list price of $999 for six stations, can be ordered now and will begin shipping in August. The controller includes one year of WeatherTRAK Central service and a three-year limited warranty.

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