Lawnbot Sales Tool For Landscapers Gains Funding, a company that provides intuitive chatbot sales and payment platforms to lawn care companies, has won $20,000 of funding from local start-up incubator Start Garden of Grand Rapids, MI. is an instant sale generator in an instant-messaging format that is white labeled to fit any company and its set of services. The application uses proprietary technology to measure the square footage of a lawn in real time, recommend a custom treatment plan, and provide a quote for services. The web chat application can be accessed 24/7, allowing customers to get quotes at their own time and pace.Lawnbot

Lawnbot was born in the winter of 2018. Created by Kendall Hines, a 28 year old entrepreneur who owns a lawn care firm in Grand Rapids, MI. “We understand that people are busy,” he notes, “…and we wanted to make purchasing lawn care simple and frictionless for our rapidly expanding customer base.”  He added, “Lawnbot makes it quick, secure and painless for people and lawn care companies to do business within a simple two minute chat conversation. In an industry that tends to be on the laggard side of things, Lawnbot’s mission is to allow consumers to buy lawn care like they would on Amazon.. instantly!”

Over the past six years, Hines has grown his client base from 100 to around 2,000 accounts by changing the way he sells service.  Utilizing a chatbot platform he’s developed and other innovative sales strategies, Hines is now selling his platform to lawn care companies all across the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Lawnbot has 3000+ chats and $200,000 dollars in closed sales through its platform since beta testing started this past spring.

Before the winners of the Start Garden competition were announced, the 100 finalists presented their ideas in a public event. They included 28 tech-related ideas, 27 products, 18 services, 15 food-related ideas, seven social impact initiatives, and five retail ideas.The finalists were narrowed down from more than 800 entrants who pitched business plans, inventions, or ideas to the competition. Each category had knowledge experts as judges. Out of the 100 finalists, Lawnbot was one of 10 winners taking home $20,000 to develop its business further. Hines plans to use the funds to continue acquiring clients via digital marketing and industry trade shows.


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