New Product Roundup: December 2017

Wood rings

Barko’s recently released Strong-Arm grapples provide a solution for log handling and delimbing applications, the company says. Designed to optimize the performance of Barko B-Series loaders — including all trailer/truck mount, tracked, rough terrain carrier and stationary loader models — the grapples deliver desired rotator torque, clamping force and arm speed. The Strong-Arm 4250, 4850 and 5250 grapples have maximum openings of 42, 48.1 and 52.1 inches, respectively, with each rated for up to 50,000 pounds of lift capacity. A compact rotator allows for hoses to be contained in a single bundle between the boom and grapple, providing better hose protection, Barko says. Other features include 360-degree continuous rotation and a fully supported rotator drive pinion gear. The grapples are constructed of high-tensile, wear-resistant steel and include hard face welding on the arm tips to extend working life, according to the company.
Stump Cutter
Rayco recently added electronic fuel iHampton Roadsection (EFI) to its compact, self-propelled stump cutters. The new models — RG37 Super Jr and RG37T Trac Jr — are powered by Vanguard 37-hp Big Block gasoline engines, with EFI. Vanguard designed the new Big Block EFI engines to have more reliable starting characteristics and improved load pickup and fuel economy, according to Rayco. The RG37 Super Jr is available in two- or four-wheel drive versions, while the RG37T Trac Jr rides on rubber tracks. Both models come standard with Rayco-exclusive features such as swing-out operator control station and hydraulic backfill blade, the company says.

Chain Saw
ECHO recently introduced the CS-2511T top-handle chain saw — the lightest gas-powered chain saw in North America and the most powerful in its class, according to the company. ECHO says the CS-2511T is ideal for the professional arborist looking to increase maneuverability and productivity — also, it comes in at over one pound lighter than the ECHO CS-271T. “With a lighter product, end users have less operator fatigue which equals greater efficiency. A more compact saw gives users more maneuverability around tightly woven branches,” says Joe Fahey, ECHO’s vice president of product planning. Among the CS-2511T features is a top-mounted bar oiler, located on the top of the chain saw as opposed to the bottom. This allows for easier access by the operator, the company says. The feature also prevents the oiler adjustment screw from getting clogged with wood chips and debris.



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