New Product Roundup: October 2017

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Tree Service Hampton Roads Shear
Fecon recently introduced the FRS10 rotating tree shear. This excavator tree shear provides 360 degrees of rotation, allowing operators to save time and be more efficient with less repositioning of the excavator, according to Fecon. The FRS10 also provides much-needed safety, due to the shear being able to load chippers, the company says. The FRS10 is for 12- to 18-ton excavators and can cut up to 14 inches of material. The FRS10 can also be equipped with an accumulation arm, allowing users to bunch smaller material, according to Fecon.
Terex Utilities
Optima TC55
The Optima TC55 from Terex Utilities is a 55-foot, non-overcenter aerial lift with up to 42.8 feet of side reach — 3 feet longer than the legacy model, the company says. This longer reach helps with truck positioning at the job site, according to Terex. In addition, increased boom speeds and responsiveness also help to increase productivity. The platform can be lowered near the ground, making it easier for operators to access and handle tools/ equipment passed from the ground crew, Terex says. The company also reports reduced and simplified maintenance on the Optima TC55. A new pedestal design allows for easier access for torqueing lower rotation-bearing bolts. Also, O-ring face seals allow for improved hydraulic connections and are used on hoses and fittings above rotation, Terex says.

Backpack Battery
STIHL recently introduced its AR 2000 backpack battery, part of the STIHL Lightning Battery System line of products. The AR 2000 features run times that allow users to work up to 11 hours on one charge, according to STIHL. “The STIHL AR 2000 is an integral part of a complete pro package, as it powers a full day’s work on the job,” says Brian Manke, product manager at STIHL. “Compatible with all battery products in the STIHL AP Series, users are buying into a family of products that offer quality performance comparable to gasoline-powered products.” As the replacement to the STIHL AR 900 backpack battery, the AR 2000 offers improved comfort, according to the company. It features an ergonomic hip belt and chest strap that evenly distributes the weight of the battery, reducing operator fatigue. The AR comes equipped with built-in sensors and microprocessors that monitor temperature and automatically shut down the battery if it overheats, the company says.



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