New TurfMag Keeps Sports Fields Safe Of Metal Debris

The fall sports season is in full swing, and that means turf fields must not only be attractive and durable, but safe for players. TurfMag, a new product to remove potentially dangerous metal debris from sports fields and other playing surfaces, can help.

TurfMag, from Storch Magnetics, is a powerful four-foot wide, 120-pound magnet built into a sturdy housing unit that attaches easily to a golf cart, 4-wheel utility vehicle, or lawn mower. (The unit can also be pushed manually.) Once connected, TurfMag can be driven over indoor or outdoor sports fields where it picks up small to medium-sized Ferrous metal objects, some invisible to the naked eye that can nevertheless cause potentially serious injuries.sports fields

A two-hour sweep driving at five miles per hour can potentially pick up hundreds of items — such as Bobbie pins, screws, nails, earrings, helmet hardware, and more. Athletes who are tackling, sliding, and running could suffer serious injuries if they fell on any of these items. “The real benefit is the safety factor because you wouldn’t even know all the Ferrous metals that these fields have,” comments Storch Magnetics President Matt Carr. “Items can fall from machinery, equipment, out of a person’s pocket, or anything. This simple process helps to ensure a safer experience for all involved at such a small cost. I wouldn’t want my kids falling on a nail, screw or some of the items we routinely pick up.”sports fields

TurfMag is easy to assemble, often requiring no more than one individual to set up and use. The standard size includes the four-foot wide magnet and the corresponding five-foot wide housing unit, although larger magnets and housing units can be customized to meet specific needs. Fields can be swept by a Storch Magnetics professional, or the entire product is available for sale, with little-to-no training required. The magnet itself loses just 1% of its power over a 100-year period, making it a one-time investment. Storch recommends sweeping fields with the TurfMag two to four times a year.

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