New Yard Work Tool Launched by Grab-All Company

Grab-All Company is a new start-up that developed a manual yard work tool (Grab-All) that saves time and effort when gathering and grabbing bulky debris – yard trimmings and debris.

The commercial grade Grab-All tool allows you to easily gather, grab and pick-up BULKY debris at an upright position without straining the body – back, neck, and knees.

yard work

A well-maintained yard is very gratifying and provides a sense of pride, however, most people drag

their feet when it comes to doing it. According to an article on the “HomeAdvisor” Website, the average

single-family-home yard size in the United States is 10,871 square feet. Moreover, according to an article

by Habitat Network, the average single-family home has 77% of vegetation, i.e., trees, shrubs, grass, etc.

Those numbers imply that the average American home owner maintains an average of 8,370 square feet of yard!

“The Grab-All will advance the way we do yard work – working smarter not harder,” said Hector Avila,

founder and CEO of the Grab-All Company.  When Avila designed the Grab-All, he wanted to develop

a tool not only to improve the way people manually handle and dispose of yard waste and debris, but also

a tool that consumed zero emissions. Furthermore, Avila developed the “Grab-All Shoving Technique,”

that easily and quickly shoves/gathers large piles of debris, reducing the use of polluting emission tools

such as leaf blowers, etc.

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