Newest AirVac Dirt Excavation Unit From AirSpade

Introducing the AirVac Model AVU16540 , the next generation vacuum excavation unit from AirSpade.

Powered by compressed air, AirVac is designed to excavate dirt, sand, gravel and muck to safely uncover underground utility lines, tree roots, or other buried objects. Equipped with a four inch diameter, 15-foot vacuum hose with a four foot, clear polycarbonate vacuum wand, the AirVac sucks up spoils at rates up to two cubic feet/minute.


The AirVac Model AVU16540 safely excavates sand, gravel and more to uncover utility lines, tree roots and other buried objects.

Featuring an 11 cubic ft (82-gallon) tank, AirVac offers a cost-effective and mobile alternative to vacuum trucks. Constructed from lightweight, high-strength aluminum, the unit can be maneuvered around a job site on its 15-inch diameter pneumatic tires. Heavy-duty rear rails enable workers to slide the AirVac onto the rear bed of a pickup truck for transportation to the next job.

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