Nursery Murals – How to Make it Fun

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Nursery murals can be so much fun. Now that you either know if it is a boy or girl or your new bundle of joy has made their presence known, it’s time to create a baby nursery mural that will make everyone smile with joy.

When it comes to nursery murals you literally have hundreds of choices in front of you. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

1. Choose a mural design

Wall murals of nursery rhymes, mother goose, Disney characters, or a number of others are all great choices when it comes to nursery murals. Or you could choose a Noah’s Ark mural or even a carousel horse mural if you wanted to Use your imagination and write down your ideas to choose from.

2. Make things simple

Don’t try to cram too many characters into any baby room mural. Babies love bright colors and single shapes that are simple in design. If you fill the mural with too many characters it won’t have the desired effect.

3. Have fun!

This is the most important tip of all. Be sure that whatever nursery mural you decide on that you have some fun with it.

You can use stencils to create virtually any type of wall mural you could want. Check online at various websites and you will quickly find some simple solutions. Using stencils makes it possible for anyone to come up with a beautiful mural, regardless of artistic ability.

As your baby gets older you can even change the mural to a new design or simply add new characters to the existing mural. A nursery mural will be something that the entire family will eHampton Roadsoy for years to come.

Nursery Mural

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