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Save The Beautiful Native Trees Of Georgia

When building on a wooded lot, it is inevitable that there will have to be some tree removal. Particularly on lots with mature trees, it’s important to know which trees are worth saving and will add to the look of your new home and any gardens you plant around it. Luckily, the Atlanta area is blessed with a large number of desirable, native trees. There are a wide array of oaks, from the live oak to the scarlet oak.

Of particular interest to many people are water oaks, which are often used in landscaping on corporate and college campuses. If clearing out most of the trees to add sunlight, then a water oak would make a good candidate for one of the trees to keep. It is, however, a reasonably fast grower. Most species of oak require a very long time to grow to any size, so be sure to think long and hard before condemning any that might provide good shade in a yard or a nice view from within the house.

The red maple and the sugar maple are two more attractive Atlanta natives that can get quite large. Much as with an oak, try to plan out some rough ideas for landscaping before cutting because large maples cannot be replaced very quickly. Black walnuts can also be included in this slow-growing category, but will kill anything else planted around it, so it can make a good candidate for tree removal if planning a flower garden. Be sure to keep healthy big trees that won’t require emergency tree removal later.

Probably the most widely desired large tree in Georgia is the river birch which fetches a pretty penny when purchased from a nursery. River birches are highly desired for their beautiful bark and relatively rapid growth rate. While not irreplaceable, smaller river birches might be candidates for transplantation once a home is built, rather than being fodder for the saw. Again, individual home builders will have to decide which trees are particularly attractive to them.

Less common in many areas around Atlanta are the prettier small trees. A nursery favorite that home builders should keep an eye out for is the fringe tree. These flowering trees have an almost fleecy look to them. Their round shape makes them popular in ornamental gardens or as a backdrop in a corner or the edge of a yard.

Carolina silverbell and flowering dogwoods also provide color in an otherwise wooded backdrop. They are not usually the feature pieces in gardens, but might be worth preserving when opting for a natural, wooded yard. When contemplating tree removal in Atlanta, keep in mind which trees would look good or provide shade after construction is completed. Try to think about tree placement, because even the most gorgeous tree may need topping, trimming, or removal if it grows too big or underneath the neighbor’s swimming pool.

tree trimming