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Smart Reasons to Plant More Trees

There is much research over the environmental and scientific value of trees.  Plants of all kinds are an indubitably essential part of our ecosystem – removing harmful carbon dioxide from the air and replacing it with breathable oxygen, providing food, and even filtering water for use by other animals.  While you may not be thinking about cutting down the vegetation in your backyard for food or drinking water, planting trees around your home and in your neighborhood can have a number of beneficial effects that weren’t discussed in eighth-grade science glass.

Trees provide natural scenery, and may have a calming effect that can be beneficial in medicine.  Some research shows that patients in hospitals heal faster when surrounded by trees and plants – and other studies have found that visual exposure to trees produces a calming effect and reduces stress within five minutes.  Imagine how much more welcoming and bright a house feels with houseplants and flowers – it’s not far-fetched to imagine that cheering effect on a larger scale!

Trees are useful in architecture to provide contrast and break up scenery.  They can also be used to form a windwall, saving up to twenty percent on energy costs during cold weather.  A wall of trees can even block out noise, making a crowded or busy neighborhood suitable as a residence for anyone.  Trees provide natural shade, also saving on energy costs and the costs of installing patio awnings or roofs.

And trees, of course, improve our landscapes and the value of our aesthetic surroundings like no other landscaping tool or technique.  Home tree care can be a task that’s beyond daunting – for the average Washington state resident, proper tree care is impossible without the help of a Kirkland tree service or Bellevue tree service.  Also a Redmond tree service, Certified Arborist Tree Care is headed and overseen by a certified arborist with advanced training in pruning, bracing, transplanting, and all other tree services.  For smart, affordable tree care – and all the physical and mental benefits of trees – consider planting in your yard with the help of a professional.

tree service