Solid Brass Collection By Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

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Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting introduces Solid Brass Collection

The new Solid Brass landscape lighting collection from Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting is designed to provide the aesthetic appeal of brass with durability that spun brass fixtures cannot match. The collection consists of six models — four Up & Accent lights and two path lights — all of which feature thick-wall, die-cut brass construction finished with a proprietary Olde Brass process.

“Many outdoor lighting manufacturers offer fixtures made with spun brass,” said Cruz Pérez, vice president of sales and marketing for Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. “However, spun brass simply cannot compete with solid brass when it comes to overall appearance and durability. It’s easy to tell the difference between the two types of brass by simply holding the fixtures in your hands. Our new Solid Brass Collection is heavier and stronger, built to rigorous specifications for lasting customer satisfaction.”

The 2216, 5006 and 5014i Up & Accent models feature tempered, shock-and-heat-resistant soda-lime glass lenses as well as tool-free, rotatable shrouds for easy fixture entry and aiming by hand. The 5105 Up & Accent has a bordered, high-impact, tempered lens with a high-performance anodized aluminum reflector.

All four Up & Accent models have solid-brass, adjustable knuckles with half-inch NPS and silicone o-ring gaskets for a reliable seal. The 2216 and 5006 include Vista’s high-performance LED 4.5W or 5.5W MR-16 lamp in 25°, 36° and 60° spreads. The 5014i model features integrated, advanced chip-on-board (COB) LED technology available in 1.5W, 2.5W and 3.5W with outputs up to 400 delivered lumens available in 25°, 36° and 60° spreads. The 5105 also features the same COB LED technology, but in 2W, 3W and 4W options, all with outputs up to 400 delivered lumens.

The collection’s 2265 and 2267 path lights have heavy-gauge brass stems with half-inch NPS and textured polycarbonate optic lenses specifically designed for even light distribution. Both models also include Vista’s new high-performance T3 COB LED lamp running at 2.5W with a powerful 193-lumen output. A lamp life of 30,000 hours reduces maintenance annual re-lamping and lamp replacement costs.

“With Vista’s new Solid Brass Collection, contractors can give their customers the beautiful high-end look they want with the outstanding reliability and durability they need — all at a reasonable price,” Pérez said. “And, because these fixtures are built to last, contractors can enjoy positive word-of-mouth that further enhances their reputations as lighting professionals.”

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