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Safety First: Fitness

[ad_1] One of the hottest fitness trends in recent years is CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program based on functional movements — lifting heavy objects, moving loads over distance and striving to maximize output by accomplishing the greatest amount of work in the shortest time. All of this probably sounds familiar to those working in …

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Aerial Lift Safety 101

Aerial lifts aren’t just limited to bucket trucks anymore. These days, they’re are available in a wide variety of configurations and power packages, ranging from the traditional truck-mounted lift (center or rear mounted) all the way to self-propelled units with four-wheel drive or even leveling, spider-like appendages. Aerial lifts allow operators to put themselves in …

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Use Weather Information For Safety And Efficiency In Tree Service Hampton Roads Care

< p class=”art”>Accurate weather information is crucial for those working in the tree care industry. Tree Service Hampton Roadss, like all plants, must be suited to exist within the range of weather conditions at a given location. Although there’s some adaptability, a particular tree species can generally thrive in certain environments but fail in others. …

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Safety First: Standards

[ad_1] A grieving mother who lost her son in a tree care accident in the late 1960s launched a campaign that helped form the American National Standards Institute Z133. More commonly known as “the ANSI,” or even “the Z” in tree-climbing circles, what today is known as the Z133-2012 is a federal standard that stipulates …

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Safety First: PPE

[ad_1] Personal protective equipment, or PPE, should be part of every climber or branch manager’s daily outfit, so normal and natural that the respective tree crew member feels nearly naked without it. Sadly, this is not always the case. Equally sad is the reflection in the tree care industry accidents, iHampton Roadsuries and death statistics …

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Tree Removal

Safety First: Audits

[ad_1] Safe practices in maintaining the electrical grid can’t be overvalued. The truth of power transmission is that it’s inherently risky work. We ensure the functionality of enormous systems, with high voltages traversing significant distances, including ancillary services that make this possible. For utilities, much of the day-to-day work involving line maintenance can fall to …

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Safety First: Chippers

[ad_1] There are plenty of technical safety procedures to follow when operating a chipper, but sometimes it’s the basics that are most overlooked, says Joe Deriscavage, Northeast outside territory manager for Bandit Industries and a Tree Care Industry Association-certified chipper trainer. “You really need to start at the beginning with the correct PPE,” he emphasizes. …

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