Chain Saws Are Cutting The Cord

Chain saws have finally cut the cord. You heard it right: the white-hot trend right now in chain saws is cordless. “My gasoline-powered chain saw can destroy a cordless,” you say. But that’s just it: Cordless technology has made these chain saws just as powerful and effective as gasoline models. “When we do classes or […]

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Tree Services

2018 Product Roundup: Chain Saws

STIHL MS 193 T chain saw The MS 193 T chain saw is an in-tree saw designed for professional arborists and tree service personnel. Users will appreciate its robust power-to-weight ratio and compact, ergonomic top-handled design. The tool’s fuel efficient engine technology reduces fuel costs and emissions. It comes with a toolless retainer for the

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Talking Chain Saws

[ad_1] We asked experts from two leading equipment manufacturers: “What’s the one thing tree care professionals need to consider when purchasing a chain saw?” Here’s what they had to say: Kent Hall Product Manager/STIHL I think most tree care professionals know what they’re looking for in a saw when they go to buy. Mostly, the

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