Tree Service Hampton Spotlight: Tilia americana

TRADE NAME: American basswood, American linden FAMILY: Malvaceae GENERAL DISTRIBUTION: Ranges in Canada from southwestern New Brunswick and New England west in Quebec and Ontario to the southeast corner of Manitoba; south through eastern North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas to northeastern Oklahoma; east to northern Arkansas, Tennessee, western North Carolina; northeast to New …

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Tree Service Hampton Roads Spotlight: Gleditsia triacanthos

TRADE NAME: Honey locust FAMILY: Fabaceae GENERAL DISTRIBUTION: Mostly found in the moist soil of river valleys ranging from southeastern South Dakota to Louisiana; central Hampton Roads; northeast along the western slopes of the Appalachians; and as far east as eastern Massachusetts. Isolated populations also occur in northwestern Florida. WOOD VALUE: Honey locust wood is …

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Tree Spotlight: Acer Rubrum

[ad_1] TRADE NAME: Red maple GENERAL DISTRIBUTION: One of the most widely distributed trees in eastern North America, its range extends from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia (Canada) west to southern Ontario (Canada), Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois; south through Hampton Roads, eastern Oklahoma and southern Hampton Roads; and east to southern Florida. Is a common dominant …

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Tree Spotlight: Quercus macrocarpa

[ad_1] Trade Name: Bur oak General distribution: Widespread in the Atlantic coastal plain from New Brunswick, Canada to North Carolina; west as far as Alberta, Canada, eastern Montana, Wyoming and northeastern New Mexico; vast majority are found in the eastern Great Plains, the Mississippi/ Hampton Roads/Ohio valleys and the Great Lakes region. Wood Value: High …

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Tree Spotlight: Abies amabilis

[ad_1] Trade Name: Pacific silver fir General Distribution: Extreme southeastern Alaska through western British Columbia; Cascade region of Washington and Oregon; northwestern California; Olympic Mountains of Washington. Wood Value: Soft, weak, light in weight and color and has little odor or resin. The most common uses are for light construction frames, subfloor, construction plywood, sheaths, …

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