From purchasing the right equipment to preventing winter damage, popular questions posted by the ice and snow management professionals on PlowSite forums this past week.

Introduce Yourself to the Community

  • A  Junior Member who is new to both and the industry is looking for ways to work more efficiently so he can grow his business before adding a second truck. He’s always used a strait blade, but is being advised that a v-plow will cut his plow times by at least 30%. Share your thoughts…. 

Heavy Equipment

  • A addict from Bethany, CT is considering purchasing skid steer snow blowers. Both of his current machines are not high flow, and he wants to know what to expect from the lower flow units. Share your thoughts… 
  • A Senior Member from Lincoln, IL is looking for feedback on the HLA EdgeFlex plow. If you’re familiar with this product, share your experience…  

Bidding & Estimating

  • A Junior Member from Albany, NY wants to know how much to charge for plowing a one-and-a-half acre parking lot. Share your thoughts….

Commercial Snow Removal

  • A Junior Member is the groundskeeping manager at small college in New York, and was asked to pull up speed bumps for the winter. He’s concerned about water creeping in the empty bolt holes and damaging the driveway. What’s your experience? Share your thoughts… 

Residential Snow Removal


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