From buying new boots to keeping yourself motivated, here are some questions from the landscape professionals on LawnSite forums this past week.


  • A LawnSite Senior Member wants to buy new boots and is looking for opinions. Requirements are that they are waterproof and lined, slip resistant, have a composite toe, and good treads. Share your thoughts… 
  • A LawnSite Member wants to know what types of payment apps other forum members like. He accepts checks and some credit cards, and has had a few customers ask if he takes PayPal. Share your thoughts… 


  • A LawnSite Member in his third year of business would like to know if yard signs or door hangers are more likely to land him more maintenance accounts. Share your thoughts… 



  • A LawnSite Bronze Member from SE Wisconsin is shopping for new ear protection. He wants to know if ear buds on their own provide enough protection, or if he can/should wear ear protection over them. Share your thoughts… 

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