From new tax laws to putting together a commercial bid, here are some questions from the landscape professionals on LawnSite forums this past week.


  • A LawnSite Moderator points out that beginning January 1, 2018 through 2025, using part of your home as a tax write off is no longer allowed. Neither is writing off your accountant expenses. Are there any other tax changes lawn care professionals need to be aware of? Share your thoughts…


  • A LawnSite Fanatic from Arkansas is looking for feedback on using Dismiss to kill wild onion/garlic. Share your thoughts… 


  • A LawnSite Member from San Antonio in his first year of business is focusing only on mowing, and wants to know the proper mowing height for Bermuda grass. Share your thoughts…


  • A new LawnSite Member is having carb issues with his Echo 770 and is worried the only ethanol-free fuel he can get might harm his equipment. Share your thoughts…


  • A LawnSite Member who runs a small operation geared towards residential, suburban contracts is looking for advice on a putting together his first bid for an apartment complex. Share your thoughts… 


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