From pitching a takeover to the best way to store chemicals, here are some questions from the landscape professionals on LawnSite forums this past week.


  • A LawnSite Gold Member from Redmond, WA wants to talk to his boss about taking over his position when he’s ready to step down, and is looking for some advice on how to pitch the idea. Share your thoughts…


  • A LawnSite Gold Member from the Detroit/Toledo area needs to move his shop. The new location isn’t heated and he’s looking for advice on how to store chemicals. Share your thoughts…


  • A LawnSite Member is surprised to find that other lawn professionals are bidding on yards at about $1 per minute or more. Is this too high? Share your thoughts….
  • A LawnSite Member is wondering how many lawn professionals have clients on yearly contracts, and how many go by a weekly or monthly basis. Is one better than the other, and why? Share your thoughts…


  • A LawnSite Senior Member from Virginia is getting a lot of calls for one-time cuts due to the bad weather in the region. Do you do emergency one-time-only jobs, or do you only accept customers for regular service? Share your thoughts…


  • A new LawnSite Member has been cutting and maintaining 30 accounts on a part time basis for the last 10 years, and will be retiring from his main job soon. Should he expand his business and hire workers, or continue on a part-time path? Share your thoughts…


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