Three Cheers For Pavers In Hardscape Design

Sticker shock may deter a homeowner from choosing pavers for their driveway, patio or pool deck project, but these are most often the better choice for long-term, beautiful results. A hardscape is an extension of the home, and homes are a reflection of those who live within them. The extra effort to research materials and building techniques that last and are easily maintained pays dividends in the end. Realtors would agree that details like extremely durable and attractive pavers make the difference in curb appeal.

Here are three reasons to point out pavers when speaking to clients about hardscaping projects — courtesy of EP Henry, a Woodbury, NJ-based family-owned and operated manufacturer of unit concrete products. The following highlights why pavers are good option for these types of projects.


ColorTech pavers by EP Henry

1. Attractive and flexible. Pavers have an immeasurable advantage over other common paving materials like concrete and asphalt. The range of colors, textures, size, and pattern options give homeowners design advantages that other surface covers cannot offer. Many very closely emulate the look of natural stone. Pavers can be customized to fit any design aesthetic.

2. Extremely durable and weather-damage resistant. Pavers last for decades. Stamped concrete, ordinary concrete, and asphalt begin cracking after the first few winters. Because pavers are a flexible system, they have room to expand with freeze and thaw conditions; the other monolithic surface treatments do not. The design of the pavers help snow and ice melt more quickly and the surface pavers create allows for easy snow removal. Also, if a paver does get damaged, it is easily individually replaced. With pavers, there is no need to demolish an entire hardscape for underground repairs or to install or fix wiring underneath.

3. Guaranteed. Reputable manufacturers offer a structural guarantee on their products. The science behind the design and manufacturing of a good quality product allows for a rock-solid guarantee for the lifetime of the pavers. Few other surface treatments offer that.

Like the old business adage goes, it costs money to save money. While the initial cost and installation of pavers can sometimes pass the price of cheaper options like concrete or asphalt, the quality and easy maintenance of pavers will save time and money in the long run.

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