Tree Lighting

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Any landscape with substantially sized trees can benefit from tree lighting. Landscape lighting contractors can offer this elegant, sophisticated, and ingenious lighting technique as a line item on their proposal and gain an immediate competitive advantage if they use the right equipments and installation methods. Mercury vapor lights that feature superior commercial grade engineering and photometrics are the best fixtures to use. They emit a blue-white light that filters down through the branches and leaves of the tree. This luminance closely resembles moonlight and can be used to magnify the aesthetic of the moon over a commercial, municipal, or academic landscape by as many times as there are tree with light fixtures.

It is crucial to use the proper lighting installation technique when mounting mercury vapor lights in trees. From an aesthetic standpoint, it is mandatory to conceal the fixtures from any normal vantage point that an observer on the ground may be standing in. Trees are an archetypal symbol deeply embedded in the minds of all of us, and they must maintain their “state of Nature” aesthetic at all costs. Along similar lines, there is something that outrages a significant number of people when a tree is needlessly harmed or destroyed. It is paramount to install mercury vapor lights in an environmentally friendly way that does not harm to the trees.

Once the landscape lighting expert masters these two fundamentals of tree lighting- concealment and environmental friendliness- the contractor can offer sweeping changes for the better to a broad spectrum of businesses and institutions.

Municipal Parks

Contractors responsible for landscaping and lighting municipal parks can install tree lighting as both and aesthetic and functional compliment to their work. Because parks are frequently visited at night for the purposes of escape, relaxation, and romance, it is important to compliment both the intentions of park visitors as well as looking out for their safety at the same time.

The best places to install tree lights in parks are over benches where people often spend several hours with a friend, child, or significant other, and over lighted pathways lined by large trees with branches that arch over the path. Both of these areas must be lit sufficiently to dispel any shadows that could be used as a hiding place for criminal mischief and assault. The safer people feel in these spots, the more relaxed and open they will be to the experience of Nature.

Here is where the aesthetic element comes into play. Because moonlight walks in the park are a worldwide tradition, emulating the ambiance and romance of the moon from multiple key points in the park creates a true sense of altered reality and relaxed suspension of the passage of time.

Contractors who can arguably demonstrate that this aspect of park lighting will make the park both safer and more popular have a very strong chance of closing the deal regardless of price.

Academic Institutions

Contractors bidding to maintain and upgrade the landscapes of colleges and universities can use tree lighting to contribute to the school’s reputation and public image. People assume a lot of things, and regardless of the facts of the matter, propel themselves forward through life on a series of assumed reality conclusions. One assumption parents often make about a college is that a newer institution may not offer as good of a learning experience for a son or daughter than an older school would. This really has no basis in reality but people think this way and more importantly spend their money this way.

Installing tree lights in the oldest trees on such a campus tends to make them look even larger than they are at twilight and dusk. The sublimes and stately presence of large, well lighted trees can make a young academic institution look more “Old World,” stately, and authoritative.

Helping a school attract higher enrollment is an excellent way to win their business.

Commercial Properties

Any contractors bidding a landscape lighting system for a new company or a company seeking to improve its public image propose tree lighting to their client. New companies need the same look of being “older” than they really are for the same reason that institutions of higher learning do. People will associate an “older” looking landscape and building with years of experience and know-how. Tree lights will also improve the general security lighting of a property by eliminating problem areas of shadows under the trees and giving guards and video cameras a more evenly illuminated landscape to keep an eye on.

Another significant benefit companies receive from well-lit trees is an environmentally friendly public image. As increasing numbers of companies seek to enhance their public image by either going green or supporting green objectives, illuminating trees around the building helps harmonize buildings with greenery and suggests a certain sympathetic relationship with Nature that works very well for branding and marketing purposes in a grown Earth conscious marketplace.

Making a company appear more reputable and conscientious, as well as making its facility actually safer, is an excellent way to earn their trust and business.

Hospitality Industries

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and country clubs not only like tree lighting, they need tree lighting. Because these industries depend on providing people with an escape from the pressures of life into a better, more refined alternate reality, it is essential that landscape lighting designers propose a lighting system that will magnify every significant keynote of the landscape.

Palm trees at resorts can be made to glow with a luminous aura throughout the night, and tree lights concealed in branches overhanging outdoor patios provides romantic accent light for outdoor events. Any country club with large trees adjacent to the clubhouse window will have better visibility into the exterior, because the down light coming from branches overhead filters through the glass just enough to dispel the reflective glare of interior restaurant lighting.

Helping high-end facilities attract and entertain more guests represents a sizeable amount of money for any client working in hospitality services. For something as relatively inexpensive as tree lighting, the return on investment is something that any contractor can be certain will impress the client strongly in their favor.

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