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Tree Removal in CT – Connecticut Tree Services

Tree and playground removal is causing property values to fall. If the Home Owners Associations focus on pinching pennies, they may never realize where the losses are.

The home owner and condominium associations are removing the necessary components of their common areas. To their credit, some associations have elected to replace them with dog runs.

Trees may fall on folk and autos and youngsters may get hurt on the playgrounds

Removal of common elements regularly have devastating effects on the culture of the community. A park-like scene is quickly turned into mere concrete, dust and possibly a dog run. This permits the fogeys a chance to start to know each other while the youngsters would have the necessary chance to be kids.

Families are compelled to spend more time inside when the green space is removed. This has a direct negative effect on the sense of community, the social skill and health of our youth.

There is no consideration as to the result on world warming. There is a reduction of shade ; increased power and water bills ; and it often becomes more expensive to the association and unit owner, than the increased insurance rates they might have paid.

By-laws to save the green space can be implement, if unit owners take the the request to their boards and request a vote If they don’t show the initiative to do this, they may come back home one day and find that there land is raped of many grown up trees and playgrounds.

This is occurring and this happened to me. I owned a condominium in Montgomery County Maryland. I found numerous mature trees removed from my community, when I came back from vacation. The playground which faced my home had beautiful shade trees to keep the kids cool and shaded was now totally exposed to the afternoon sun and heat.

The board members had the trees removed. I wanted to know why they did not get an independent party to make the suggestions. They had no response. I have yet to receive the report and don’t expect one.

I sold the property as quickly as I could. I was the subject of a board that had terrible decision making capabilities. I stopped them from removing the playground appliances. Nobody on the board had young children. They didn’t understand the value of a playground.

Take the drive to save your assets .Now I could be a commissioner on the Commission on Common possession Communities. I’m trying to make some changes so that everyone could benefit. Take action Now

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