What’s New: January 2018

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Earth & Turf Attachments
Mini Skid-Steer Attachment
Earth & Turf Attachments recently introduced a snow plow blade to fit on various mini skid-steer loaders. This 60-inch, manual-angle blade is designed to fit on the common mini skid-steer mounts for the following brands: Toro Dingo, Ramrod, Boxer and others that utilize the same mounting system, Earth & Turf says. The blade has a 19-inch high moldboard, full spring trip, bolt-on, reversible cutting edge and its full-blade trip can be locked out for light grading or moving loose materials, according to the company.
Sterling Rope Company
Arborist Rope
Sterling Rope Company developed a new approach to rope construction using mixed materials, the company says. With a polyester sheath and nylon core, the Sterling Rope WorkPro offers a balanced elongation in the core and sheath so the two share the load evenly, according to the company. This makes the WorkPro series stronger than other ropes of similar diameters, while retaining a small but important amount of elongation, Sterling Rope says. These kernmantle ropes are dual-certified to EN 1891 Type A and NFPA 1983. They also meet ANSI Z133 standards. The WorkPro series of static ropes are available in 0.375-, 0.4375- and 0.5-inch diameters. Each model comes in multiple colors and lengths.

Liquid Micronutrient
Arborjet recently announced the release of its Mn-jet Fe liquid micronutrient solution for trees, palms, shrubs and groundcovers. According to the company, Mn-jet Fe alleviates interveinal chlorosis. Interveinal chlorosis in plants is the result of micronutrient deficiencies, specifically iron and manganese. This is a common condition throughout the U.S. that affects a number of species including oak, sweetgum, birch, pine, maple and azaleas. Mn-jet Fe may be applied as formulated or diluted with water. Its liquid formulation mixes easily into solution and can be applied through both micro and macroinfusion equipment, or as a foliar spray for shrubs and groundcovers, the company says. Mn-jet Fe is available in 1-liter containers and in case quantities. One liter treats 20 trees (10-inch DBH) at the low rate.



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