Worst Winter Mistakes for Protecting Trees and Plants

Ever been guilty of watering your tree a tad too much or piling on mulch a little too heavy? Rest assured, you’re not alone!

These are common slip-ups that eventually teach us how to properly care for our plants. But of course, it’s best to avoid mistakes when you can so your tree stays as healthy as possible.

Which brings us to the list below: common winter tree care mistakes to avoid. Save time—and safeguard your tree—with this handy list of don’ts and dos for winter tree protection.

Incorrectly Wrapping Your Trees And Shrubs

Some trees and shrubs need to bundle up in winter just like us. But to wrap them the right way, you need to know what type of plant you have and what wrapping material will meet its needs. Here’s the best way to wrap trees for winter protection, from evergreens to maple trees.

Skipping Tree Pruning

The dormant season, A.K.A. the few months of winter that trees slow their growth, is an opportune time to prune. Opting out of a wintertime trim could leave trees with broken or unhealthy branches that get in the way of new spring growth. And worse, choosing to prune during a warmer season may promote the spread of disease.

Why Is Dormant Pruning Important?

Pruning during the dormant season is good for you, good for your arborist, and great for your tree. Read five reasons to prune during the winter season.

Not Applying Insect Prevention Oils

When you don’t make time for insect prevention in winter, you could put your tree at risk of a dreadful, pest-filled spring.

Overwintering Insects

Just as trees go dormant to make it through the winter season, insects go through a hibernation of their own, tucking themselves away to avoid chilly weather and winter predators.

Unwelcomed, these insects make themselves at home in the cracks and crevices of our trees. Then in spring, they’re in just the right spot to do their damage. For example, pests like scale insects camp out on trees in winter when they’re young, then they feed on leaves and wood in spring and early summer.

Dormant Oil Spray For Trees

Dormant oils, help rid trees of overwintering insects. Dormant oil spray coats insects and essentially smothers them, preventing future infestation. Here’s how to effectively apply dormant oil before winter.

Not Storing Container Plants Properly

Potted plants that sit pretty on your porch or in the yard don’t respond well to cold winter weather. When you don’t stow away container plants in winter, they’re exposed to dry winds and freezing temperatures.

How To Protect Potted Plants In Winter

Don’t leave your container plants out to dry (or freeze!) in winter. Here are three methods for winterizing and storing potted plants.

Contact a local Davey expert for more winter prep tricks and tips.

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