Wuzhou International Gem Festival sixth opening day of the signing 7.6 billion investment in a large single

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October 30, Wuzhou International Gem Festival sixth grand opening, more than a thousand Chinese and foreign guests, experts and scholars gathered in Wuzhou city gem. Opening day, Wuzhou carried out with the project public investment contract, signed a total of 54 investment projects with total investment amounting to more than 7.6 billion yuan.

    The same morning, the city of Wuzhou Stone voices on one side Wuzhou International Gem Festival sixth opening ceremony is being held here, one side is a gem by strong popular operators introduce a colorful man-made gems. An owner selling normalizing told reporters that the relevant authorities require operators Gem Festival in Wuzhou stones promote this day, all products are lower than the wholesale price of retail, such as two large gem-like buttons sold at 10 yuan. This trick really work, domestic and foreign businessmen have to purchase, a selection of the 20 models, Mr. breath gem pendant.

    Wuzhou is artificial gem trading hub and capital of the world of artificial gems. Artificial gem industry, annual production value of about 25 billion, the market share of 80% of national output, accounting for 70% of world production.

    Development of new (Cangwu) gemstones in Wuzhou Industrial Co., Ltd. is the largest man-made stones most standardized production base, the reporter saw in his workshop, hundreds of workers lined up at the assembly line, cutting, grinding, inspection, packaging, meticulous to elaborate on each of gems. 5 years in the company’s cutting work done Ms. harsh, she should be cut 5 600 gem model, average monthly wages of 1,500 yuan. The gem production base of related person in charge, the company currently has more than 1,000 employees, also intends to enroll more than 500 people, an annual production of precious stones of different shapes and sizes up to 4 billion, are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

    Wuzhou a long history of artificial stones, but the traditional “master train an apprentice” technology models were not suited to market demand. 9 years ago, the specialized training of professionals Wuzhou Wuzhou gem stones schools to set up. This is the private vocational training school has opened a secondary school classes and short courses, professional manufacture involving gems, jewelry professional, precious stones marketing, there are also special gems for foreign businessmen English classes.

    It is understood that engaging in artificial gemstones in Wuzhou, cutting, grinding, mosaic and marketing employees 12 million people, engaged in business of artificial stones more than 500 companies.
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