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Tree Service Hampton Roads is ptovided by Simmons Tree Care, Offering Residential, Commercial, Arborist and Emergency Services. We provide the best-in-class tree service in Hampton Roads, by focusing on training and safety, we care for you and your trees at the highest level. Simmons Tree care of Hampton Roads, VA offers a wide range of tree services with one goal in mind – making you a happy customer. We offer a custom approach to tree removal guaranteed to match your needs and budget. Regardless of type of tree services you select, our skilled, insured professionals guarantee your tree job will be done safely and expertly. Call today for a free written estimate. We have the skills to accomplish all facets of residential and commercial tree service. Our primary difference is how hard we work while we’re on your job, how nice we leave your property afterwards, and the business-like way you are treated before and after the sale.

Understanding Tree Location Importance

[ad_1] Ask anyone over 50 years old, “What was the key phrase for good business in the 1970s?” If they can remember correctly, they’d answer “Location, Location, Location,” usually referring to the best place to install a new shopping mall, grocery store or residential subdivision. This reference was basically a real estate term, with location …

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Talking Chippers

[ad_1] We asked experts from three leading equipment manufacturers: “What’s the one thing tree care professionals need to consider when purchasing a chipper?” Here’s what they had to say: J.R. Bowling VP of Sales and Marketing, Rayco Today more than ever before, the big question is, “Do I want a gasoline or a diesel engine?” …

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Talking Chain Saws

[ad_1] We asked experts from two leading equipment manufacturers: “What’s the one thing tree care professionals need to consider when purchasing a chain saw?” Here’s what they had to say: Kent Hall Product Manager/STIHL I think most tree care professionals know what they’re looking for in a saw when they go to buy. Mostly, the …

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Smart Reasons to Plant More Trees

[ad_1] tree service Smart Reasons to Plant More Trees There is much research over the environmental and scientific value of trees.  Plants of all kinds are an indubitably essential part of our ecosystem – removing harmful carbon dioxide from the air and replacing it with breathable oxygen, providing food, and even filtering water for use …

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Tree Spotlight: Abies amabilis

[ad_1] Trade Name: Pacific silver fir General Distribution: Extreme southeastern Alaska through western British Columbia; Cascade region of Washington and Oregon; northwestern California; Olympic Mountains of Washington. Wood Value: Soft, weak, light in weight and color and has little odor or resin. The most common uses are for light construction frames, subfloor, construction plywood, sheaths, …

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4 Types of Climbing Harnesses

[ad_1] A harness, belt or saddle, depending on where the climber hangs their hard hat or helmet, is an intimate part of every working day, often spending a lot more time in contact with the user’s body than anything else in their life. There are four basic types of industrial harnesses and many tree industry …

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Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results

[ad_1] In December and January, Tree Services surveyed 250 arborists and tree care company owners on the state of the industry, including questions about safety, overcoming various challenges, budgeting, equipment and more: 64 percent of respondents classified themselves as tree care business owners, 23 percent as managers/supervisors/foremen and the remaining 13 percent as crew members, …

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